When you have a big event coming up, you don’t need the dreaded hassle of an allergy attack. The watery eyes, the itchy nose, puffy face and skin rashes – these are all things you want to avoid. We know how it can be when it comes to major events in life that can be abruptly interrupted by an allergy attack

6 Occasions to Avoid and Allergy Attack

  1. Holiday

When you’re on holiday, you want to enjoy your time off from work – not hide indoors sniffling and sneezing away. Having an allergy attack during your valued recovery time from the daily grind at the office, can be simply dreadful, as the entire time can be spent just trying to recover from the symptoms your allergies cause. Worse, you never get to spend the time off doing the things you enjoy most.

  1. Graduations

Sitting in a graduation ceremony with your head in a complete fog is not an ideal situation. It can also make it uncomfortable for the guests around you who are there, and that adds to your discomfort by making you self-conscious. If you wind up having an allergy attack before the ceremony begins, it may be best to forego the event.

If you begin to have one while you are in attendance, it might be best to also remove yourself – you may even get relief if the offending source of your allergies is removed from your presence.

  1. Weddings

Without question, this is the worst occasion to get an allergy attack – especially if you are a member of the wedding party. Your allergy attack will forever be locked in time thanks to the wedding photographer, and it can turn a joyous time into something absolutely miserable.

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  1. Family Photoshoots

It’s now time to capture your best image with your family to send to relatives and friends for the year. But wait! You wake up absolutely miserable! Now you have to contend with the flash photography of immortalizing your discomfort forever. In this situation it’s best to cancel the shoot and reschedule it for later.

  1. Dates

Never go on a date when you suffer from an allergy attack – especially if it’s your first or second date. Regardless whether or not you really like the person you are going out with, it’s best to cancel the date and reschedule once your allergies are done aggravating you. If the person in question really likes you, they will understand and may even offer to help you. That’s a keeper!

  1. Business Meetings

While this one might be hard to avoid, you never want to attend a meeting while you’re suffering from allergies. It’s a distraction to your colleagues and a hassle to deal with for the person running the meeting. It’s best to recuse yourself.

No matter the occasion, allergy attacks are not fun!