Experts say that all women have suffered or will suffer one or more times a vaginal infection during their lifetime. But there are effective ways to prevent these vaginal infections, although sometimes there is nothing to do to prevent their occurrence. Indeed, women are increasingly exposed to many daily activities, both at work and at home, and all of these activities may prevent them from taking care of themselves and to follow preventive measures.

To prevent vaginal infections, it is especially important to follow a proper diet and have an impeccable personal hygiene! On the other hand, stressed and tired body is less resistant against microorganisms that cause many diseases.

The most common vaginal infections

The most common infections are vulvovaginitis caused by Candida yeasts, bacterial vaginosis caused by Gardnerella and trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted.

What are the causes?

At the genital area normally coexist certain microorganisms, which are not harmful to our bodies. But in some cases, the usual balance is altered, producing vaginal infections, which can also be caused by sexual contact (trichomoniasis).

But what are the situations that may alter the normal balance? Include hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, diabetes or prolonged use of antibiotics.


  •     Tingling in the vaginal area
  •      Heavy vaginal discharge and odor
  •      Redness of the vulva
  •      Inflammation of the vaginal lips
  •      Pain and burning during urination
  •    Irritation during sex

Vaginal infections should be treated properly. Women often do not consult their doctor out of fear or shame, but a mere annoyance can turn into a real problem without adequate treatment. Always consult your doctor before beginning a natural treatment, to ensure that the problem is Benin.

Natural remedies

Plants with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to strengthen the immune system of the body, are particularly suitable:


Boldo: very useful against infections caused by fungi because it has anti-fungal properties. Just take baths based Boldo.

The problem: it can be used to prevent or treat vaginal infections because it has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Pour some concern in boiling water, let cool and pour the mixture on the affected area.


Chamomile: You can also take baths with chamomile tea.

Other natural solutions


Garlic: an excellent antibacterial anti-fungal properties.,Just reduced to mush a clove of garlic until a paste, and apply for external use.


Tea tree oil: You can pour a few drops of this oil in a bath, because it has anti-bacterial properties.


Apple vinegar: it helps to balance the pH. Simply pour 3 tablespoons cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it three times a day.

   Natural yoghurt: you can consume to avoid vaginal infections, but if you already suffer, simply put some yogurt directly on the affected area.


Diet plays an important role against vaginal infections because there are certain foods that can prevent or eliminate infection. Others also help strengthen the immune system, allowing you to fight against any microorganism by preventing its development.

You should thus consume foods that contain:

     iron: in clams, legumes and green vegetables.

     Zinc: in lamb, oysters, wheat germ, pumpkin and peanut.

     Vitamin B: in the liver, milk, eggs and fish.

What foods should you avoid? Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bread, preservatives and dyes, yeast and sugar.

General recommendations

It is essential to maintain an impeccable personal hygiene, with soaps in nonaggressive neutral pH vaginal flora.

Avoid tight pants and underwear made of plastic, because the intimate area needs good ventilation. If there is a lot of moisture, microorganisms multiply more easily.

If you use panty liners every day, it is necessary to change at least 4 times a day,same for towels and tampons during menstruation.     Wash your underwear with a neutral soap.

     When you go to the toilet, wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria that are usually found around the anal area arrive to the vagina, causing infections.

     Relax! Stress and anxiety are lower our defenses, making us weaker against the aggressions and diseases.

  Use cotton underwear to absorb the natural moisture of the body.

 While this seems paradoxical, do not abuse it and clean the intimate area to excess, even with appropriate know. Clean the area once a day is sufficient; you can then use only water.

The vagina has a very effective self-cleaning mechanism: Clean the external part of the area!

Using condoms prevent sexually transmitted infections.