Pollens wind displacement contains some proteins that act as potent allergens. These can educate some 20% of the population who suffer from rhinitis and hay fever famous. To help, here are tips “anti pollen” to control pollen allergies.

     Allergies, you know?

There are 2 kinds of pollen: allergic pollen and the pollen harmless. Allergic pollen is in the stamens and is spread by insects or by wind. Symptoms of hay fever are hay fever, asthma, or conjunctivitis: Symptoms that may occur at the same time in the same subject

People with pollen allergies dread the arrival of spring but know what to expect.

Others develop a rather late allergy, which is not followed because they do not pay attention to the symptoms. It must be able to detect a possible allergy.

Pollens cause appearance without serious consequences affections, but it can sometimes be severe or disabling:

– Rhinitis often profuse discharge and nasal obstruction;

– Conjunctivitis with tearing, itching;

– Tightness or wheezing, asthma, with shortness of breath;

– Tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration or attention due to a sleep disturbed by rhinitis;

– Cutaneous manifestations with some worsening eczema, rarely edema and urticaria.

Allergies to pollen may crack from February to September. Pollination is earlier or later depending on the region. To alleviate as much as possible, some tips are followed. You will need:

Consult the bulletins to learn pollution peaks pollen with information on the main taxa (pollens corresponding to a botanical family) and the risk of exposure to allergic pollens encrypted from 0 (zero) to 5 (very strong);

  • Reach out and push the inner bend of the elbow if you suffer from hay fever to decrease your sensitivity
  • Do not let allergy to set up: it could turn into asthma
  • Consult a doctor using an antihistamine or corticosteroid some cases
  • Wear a mask and sunglasses
  • Wash hands, nose, face and eyes with plenty of water regularly
  • Wash your hair after spending time in the countryside, in a park or garden and also the evening to avoid the allergens are deposited on the pillow
  • Drive car by windows closed
  • Close windows and use the particle filter air purifier: probably the most reliable weapon in a room to be quiet
  • Clean and dust your home thoroughly and regularly
  • Avoid areas rich in carbon dioxide favorable pollen (peripheral, parking, downtown)
  • Use an essential oil diffuser for cleaner indoor air eucalyptus essential oil, lavender, bay leaf, tarragon.