Negative ions are negatively charged ions that usually show emit in the air around beaches, mountains and waterfalls. You probably have experienced the feeling of freshness after visiting these locations – it’s because of the negative ions in the air there. The best way to bring the same healthy air to your home and feel fresh and healthy always is a negative ion generator.

A negative ion generator is a device designed to produce negative ions in your home or office or on the go. Perhaps a commonly negative ion generator is your shower. Running hot water as well as the steam generated by a shower can bring the beneficial negative ions to your body. This is the reason why you would feel so refreshed after a shower.

But why limit negative ions in the shower when you can bring the benefits throughout your home or when you travel. You can get these benefits with a negative ion generator. For the best negative ion generator in the market, The ionbox 20m ( is highly recommended. Below are some of the many benefits of this negative ion generator.

The ionbox 20m is a negative ion generator that creates the highest number of negative ions (20 million per second) on the market to purify and detoxify your air.

Upon years of research by IonPacific, the negative ion generator has now created a valued & desired product where clean air is needed. Releasing 20 million negative ions, it eclipses other negative ion generators in the market by a factor of 10.

Every negative ion is tested by a negative counter from Ion Pacific’s team. This quality is guaranteed that your negative ion generator is capable of removing tobacco smoke & odor, airborne bacteria, allergens, pollen, harmful dust, pet odors from the air you breathe.

The negative ionizer is efficient. You can connect and charge your Ionbox on any laptop or any USB outlet. It runs at an ultra-low of 1.5 watts. This ionizer power supply technology brings clear air to your environment, worry free.

Don’t be fooled by its mini size. Whether you travel or at home, this negative ion generator is perfect. The ionbox can deliver up to 10 times as many negative ions to an area up to 5 times, 500 square ft compared to other ionic purifiers in the market.

It’s filterless. You’ll never need to buy a filter again, unlike other negative ion generators out there. Never worry about purchasing or replacing an expensive air filter.  Breathe easy knowing that this negative ionizer has a filter-less technology that purifies your air without any costly maintenance or any cleaning required.

Ionbox is designed to purify and detox your air at work, home and travel.