Worried about the impact of dental implant on your oral health and day to day life? Here are some points that would put more light on the issue.

Procedure has completely changed since the last decade

Tucson, Arizona based popular dentist Dr. Joseph Larsen recently interacted with journalists and shared details about how the evolution of dental implants has helped millions of patients from around the world. He works as researcher and senior dentist at North Oracle Road based large clinic. Besides R&D, Larsen is serving the community since last fifteen years. He loves accepting challenges, so accepts restorative cases as well.

He suggests, dental implant procedure has been around since more than forty years, but it is continuously evolving with time and advancement in dentistry.  Before around two decades, the surgery used to be more invasive and implants available back then were too difficult to place.  These days, implants can integrate better with jaw bone and hence last longer. When it comes to cost, the amount of money that patient needs to spend on dental implant is the same as he or she would have to spend on dental bridge. Most importantly, implants can easily mix with your existing teeth and work together as complete set.

Dental implant also helps in saving bone below the lost teeth

Dr. Joseph Larsen suggests that dental implant procedure helps in securing jaw bone that is below the damaged or lost tooth. If untreated, this bone (below damaged tooth) can deteriorate with time and cause other issues.

It’s not just about your smile, but about your overall health

Food impacts the person’s quality of life. Individual’s health completely depends on what he or she eats, how he or she eats.

When you lose teeth, you actually lose your ability to eat various food items. Implants can help you chew food properly and thus, positively impact your health.

Choose experienced dentist

As mentioned earlier, dental implant procedure is around since several decades. There is nothing unsafe about this surgery. Research suggests that success ratio in this surgery is more than 95 percent. Just make sure that you opt for reputed dental implant clinic in your city.

Regular check-up and basic cleaning can impact implants’ overall lifespan. Implants can last throughout your life; all that you need to do is take basic care. However, if you fail to take basic care of your implanted teeth with brushing, flossing, and cleaning, even artificial teeth can cause issues like those caused by your natural teeth. Your implanted teeth may face issues like decay, accumulation of debris on surface, gum infection, soreness, bleeding, and may also cause discomfort if you fail to brush your teeth on a daily basis.

Your dentist may not offer you lifetime guarantee on implants. But, if your jaw bone and other support bones are healthy, you won’t have to worry about your teeth even if you try eating sugarcane every day. Looking for reliable dental clinic in London? Contact- Dental Art Implant Clinic and book your timeslot for detailed consultation. Firm’s surgeons have success rate of 98 percent and have overall experience of 100 years.