It is easy to maintain good health. It is easier to follow a disciplined way of life. People would just have to take care of their food, their exercise and have seven hours of sound sleep to become fit. But many people try to compromise on any or all of these. Lifestyle of the modern man has changed a lot over the last few decades. Many people do not have time to eat breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. What’s worse, many others do not even cook food.

Many persons just go ahead and grab a bite of the junk take-away food that is available off the counter. This is not a good move and this is not good for health too. People should not compromise on food and should not just eat whatever is available. The rise of bad cholesterol in people has raised a lot of concerns in health. People additionally skip their workout and might rather spend those extra forty-five minutes at the gym. This is not going to benefit or give a long life at any cost. Heart would be something that would get affected and even cause a long-term hospitalization totally unsolicited.

This is why Michael Telvi and his firm MSTC Inc. are working towards spreading awareness for heart attacks or other such emergencies pertaining to heart. He feels that many people would start following a healthy way of life if they know the dangers they are putting their health to.

There are various presumptions and wrong ideas regarding cardiac arrests that are always doing rounds in the market. It is therefore, necessary that everyone gets the right information from the trained specialists and medical practitioners dealing with heart only. The fact that cardiac arrests can be warded off, when people follow healthy way of life.

Some people do not realize that lack of sleep or excessive stress can cause heartburn or even put pressure on heart. With cardiac arrests, the blood flow to the heart and from it would get restricted or even blocked.

In the past, this medical condition was related to people above the age of fifty or even with senior citizens. But today, due to the stress-induced lifestyle, with least care to the body, cardiac arrests are getting more and more prevalent in younger generations too as Michael Telviwould point out.

As a person dealing in business is positive that with the awareness about this condition, people would surely try to follow disciplined life. He has been working diligently in creating awareness not just regarding the symptoms of the cardiac arrests but also about ways to detect it at the earliest.

The way to have a healthy and happy heart is actually quite all-inclusive and holistic in appearance. Michael Telvi feels that apart from medication, care for the person’s heart and health, insisting on regular medical checks are vital steps. In short, health has to be prioritized now from a very young age itself.