Today, an entire generation of homeowners know little about the dangers of asbestos, if they know about it at all. This is due to the fact that asbestos has not been used as an insulation material in homes for decades. However, it is a fact that many homes and buildings still have the material in the walls, attic, and other parts of the home.

Whenever you move into a home that was built long ago, it is in your best interest to have it inspected for asbestos. So long as it is not disturbed, and subsequently breathed in, it cannot harm you, but any disturbance can easily turn this dormant danger into a serious health risk. Asbestos exposure can cause long term damage to the lungs, causing a host of health problems, from difficulty breathing to cancer. For this reason, you cannot afford to put off hiring a trained professional to handle your removal.

The Material

Asbestos is different from other construction materials, such as metal, wood, and cement, and it can be friable or bonded. Simple pressure can crumble or pulverise friable asbestos, while bonded materials need greater pressure to be destroyed. Regardless of the type, asbestos is easily agitated and made airborne, which can quickly cause a dangerous situation. Punching, hammering, sawing, and any other types of disturbing actions, can release it into the air, where it can be inhaled by a person not wearing proper protective gear. For this reason, you should consider hiring a specialist to test for its presence, long before you start any renovations or alterations to your home. Melbourne asbestos removalist PROAS is one such company you can call for help with the problem.

Systematic Approach

Once the professionals you hired discover, and confirm, the presence of asbestos in your building they will have all unauthorised personnel vacate the building. Once all at risk persons are gone, they will come up with a detailed plan on how to remove or seal the material, with the least amount of disturbance. With complex equipment and years of training, these men will carefully and effectively remove asbestos wherever it can be found in the building. Only when the job is completed, and proven to be complete with thorough testing, will you be allowed back into the building. This is as much for your safety as it is to allow the team the room they need to work.

Never Do It Alone

There are videos and articles online that try to teach home and business owners how they can test for asbestos on their own time. However, these do not take into account the incredibly dangerous nature of the material. Just one exposure, for a few seconds, can cause a severe reaction, and prolonged exposure can be deadly. In addition, asbestos is a material that has no taste and is not noticeable to the naked eye once airborne. No matter what the internet might say to assure you of the opposite, only a trained team of professionals can safely remove asbestos, without risking the health of everyone in the building.