Although it is recommended that adults visit the dentist at least once a year for cleaning and health screens, on recent polls more than 40 percent of adults admitted to not going last year.  Dentists use this visit to help you catch potential health threats long before you are at serious risk. In fact, what they can do to help you in the long run may save you thousands, and make it easier for you to enjoy a beautiful smile with minimal complications. These professionals look for more than plaque when they look at your mouth.


Walsall dentists perform thousands of whitening procedures each year, and the effects can be dramatic. Take a moment to look at your teeth in the mirror and compare them to a clean, white tissue. The difference can be startling, but a dentist can whiten your teeth by as many as eight shades in about an hour. In fact, you can book your whitening during the morning and arrive just in time to impress your boss during a business meeting. No matter the reason you choose to get your teeth whitened, the confidence you earn will allow you to greet the world with a brighter smile.


A dentist is often the first person to tell you when you might lose a tooth, or even multiple teeth. Age, periodontal disease, and more can cause teeth to fall out, but there is a solution. Dental implants can permanently replace lost or decayed teeth, and they look exactly the same as your natural teeth. In fact, you will look and feel as if you never had a tooth missing in the first place. After all is said and done, you may even choose to have your teeth whitened to ensure they match the new, pearly appearance of your implant.