How not to get pregnant using the right methods of contraception? The contraceptive pill is the method Used by women, then comes the IUD and male condom

Different methods to not be pregnant

The Pill

The pills contain different amounts of estrogen and progestin and some only a progestin.

If you feel after taking the pill a few side effects: nausea, headache, breast tenderness, bloating, or bleeding between periods do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. He will prescribe others.

Carefully follow the prescription.

Pills to be taken every day of the cycle, others only for 21 days, allowing you a week off, But whatever they are, carefully follow the prescription, take them at the same time every day, and before embarking on a box, do not forget to check the expiration date. Beware heads up!


Placing a patch, such patch on the skin which shows the same compounds that pill two hormones (estradiol and progesterone),the patch is effective for a week. If the method seems ideal, we must be careful that this patch does not come off! A patch detachment of more than 24 hours vcorrepond combined pill forgetfulness over 12 h. So there is a serious risk of becoming pregnant.

The morning after pill

Without prescription, the morning after pill is taken in one or two takes, according to the marks. It should be noted that its effectiveness depends on the speed of decision after sex: 95% efficiency in 24 hours and 85% after 24 h to 48H.


IUD is introduced by the neck and placing it at the bottom of the uterus. There are copper or hormonal.

The most common intrauterine devices consist of a plastic frame partially coated with copper. But there are with copper sleeves without plastic armature and other progestin tank. The one and the other are effective upon installation.

The IUD has the advantage of being efficient and binding and may disadvantage of causing pain and bleeding outside the rules and especially infections for multiple partners.

Interest: we do not deal only regular medical monitoring 1 to 2 times per year is required if one has an IUD.


Used correctly from beginning to end sex, these are good ways to contraception and especially protection against infections

There are two kinds of condoms: the female condom and the male condom.

The male condom

It is a latex pocket (or polyurethane if allergic) that is placed on the erect penis before penetration and needs to be changed with each new report.

It can tear if improperly installed or if, because of friction on each other, one has two bunk. To reduce the risk of breaking a water-based lubricant is recommended.

The female condom,

It is a polyurethane pouch designed to fully line the vaginal wall and small lips, preventing contact and especially that of the sperm and mucous membranes.