Nearly 70% of women are affected by the problem of heavy legs, and this, throughout the year. What are the reasons? In any case, you can be reassured, since there are simple solutions to relieve the pain.

More common in women than in men, the heavy legs 1 adult concern about 3. This sensation is one of the main signs of widespread disease. Note that all confused genre, this venous disease affects over 18 million people in France. What explains this sensation? You should know that this problem is mainly due to a malfunction of the veins at the bottom of the legs. Age, heredity, hormonal influences, obesity and standing are the main reasons.

To reduce this discomfort, there are several simple things to achieve. Start by first drinking water and pay attention to your lifestyle. Remember that coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are really not good for the venous system. Think and drink plenty of water, at least 1.5L and above all, watch your weight as matters a lot. Very important too, as soon as possible, move! You know, the practice of physical exercise is very beneficial to health, it is also recommended in the treatment of heavy legs. Hiking few minutes a day or jogging is recommended.

Other tips to reduce pain

On the other hand, the fact elevate your legs can be used to calm a lot of heavy legs pain. Thus, before sleeping, consider elevating your feet 10 cm, for example on a cushion, this will allow the blood back up the legs. Another great way to reduce this discomfort: massage. Very nice, this method also allows you to relax and above all it can really improve blood circulation. Massage your lower legs up simply.

Please be aware that there are certain dietary supplements herbal. The latter are not to be overlooked because they can effectively improve blood circulation. You will find them in pharmacies, capsules or tea, blackcurrant, sweet clover, or bilberry among others … will help decrease the feeling of heavy legs. Finally, if you really feel worsens, do not hesitate to take the advice of a doctor.