If you’re considering getting laser spine surgery, you may be better off going with another procedure. Here is an explanation of what this procedure is and whether or not it is effective compared to others.

What is Spinal Surgery?

Spine surgery is normally performed to help relieve pain and other symptoms by reducing pressure on nerves that are compressed or by stabilizing the spine.

Some cases may involve herniated or ruptured discs, resulting in a discectomy to remove a portion of a spinal disc if damaged. Laminectomies are also often performed to remove abnormal growths such as spurs. Some patients may also undergo spinal fusions if they need to fuse together multiple vertebrae in an unstable spine.

Each of these procedures is typically performed using minimally invasive methods to help avoid damaging the surrounding tissue and accommodate a faster recovery time while reducing blood loss.

While laser spine surgery is often pushed as a risk-free and noninvasive procedure, patients will require incisions prior to the procedure, and the laser could cause damage to internal organs in rare cases.

The procedure also entails the removal of ligaments and bone to free nerves from compression using small surgical instruments, making it a surgical procedure despite not being advertised as such.

How Effective is Spinal Surgery for Athletes?

Laser spine surgery can be an effective procedure in some sports cases, but you need to make sure that qualified medical professionals give you the proper diagnosis before considering the procedure.

A majority of cases involving neck and back pain are solely muscle-related without any need to treat them via surgery. The only time you may require surgery is if you’re experiencing severe muscle weakness or pain that makes performing daily tasks a challenge.

Most of the time you’ll be able to eliminate neck and back pain through physical therapy and exercise, along with certain medications and lifestyle changes. You should always consult a sports medicine physician for any concerns you might have.

Getting Traditional Spinal Surgery

What sets traditional spinal surgery apart from laser surgery is that traditional surgery has been tested through clinical trials and a proven high patient success rate. Both discectomies and laminectomies are used for diagnoses, among others.

Traditional spinal surgery can be a much better way for you to get rid of pain and discomfort, whereas laser spine surgery can result in serious complications or fail to eliminate your pain. Keep in mind that surgery may not be required at all, and in most cases you can treat your pain through non-surgical treatments that truly are noninvasive.

Ultimately, you should consult with an expert in spinal surgery to determine if laser spinal surgery or a traditional procedure is ideal for your specific issue. A qualified surgeon will be able to advise what works best for you, but be wary if the suggestion is laser spinal surgery. While technology has developed to make surgical procedures more efficient and safer, tradition is the way to go when it comes to spinal surgery.