Knee arthroscopy or knee replacement is a surgical process, is performed when the knee condition is unrepairable by the means medications, exercises or by physiotherapies. Although, If you got to know about the condition in your initial stage then it can be cured but after the initial stages it is very difficult to get away with this condition. So to completely cure this condition, knee surgery is the best option you can opt for. This surgery will result in the reduction of your knee pain by 90%.

 Quick analytics on the success rate knee replacement surgery in India ;

Partial knee replacement

When it comes to the success rate of these surgeries in India, 9 out of 10 persons are satisfied with the surgeries, while 95% of people are highly satisfied & almost 90% of surgery lasts for 10 years out of which 80% lasts for 20 years & more.

Generally, the peoples between the age group of 50 – 80 go for this surgery, out of which 60% are women. The chances of getting infected in knee joints area as less as 2% and the probability of having the problem of the blood clot are also very minimal.

Reasons responsible for the success of Knee Replacement in India

Cost – Since in India, you can have such a wide window of budget to choose from, with customised facilities on your demand makes India one of the most favourable destinations for the patient all over the world and also the availability of various medical portals like Credihealth, Lybrate, Clinicspots that act as the boon for the patients as it reduces the unnecessary medical hacks, hence takes care of the convenience of the patients. Apart from cost, the most important thing is the reliable and lasting result which is backed by the state of the art technology.

Knee replacement graph

Technological Advantage

  1. Minimal Invasive Knee Surgery -With the help of MIS, the surgeon just need the incision of four to five inches only to perform the surgery. So the small incision means small scar which means less blood loss, less surgical trauma, less pain, less medication, fast recovery, hence shorter hospital stay.

  1. Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement – Attune rotating platform knee replacement along with minimally invasive technique is a boon alleviating all the fear in the patient. This surgical procedure makes the patients feel their knee is a normal knee in regards to stability, mobility & function. Versatility in size and matching the patient’s anatomy makes this technique very effective.

  1. Pain Management Technique – This technique involves femoral nerve block and regional (spinal) anesthesia which speeds up recovery. A femoral nerve block can be placed at the patient’s discretion in the preoperative area which greatly reduces the immediate pain upon waking up, yet allows early ambulation.
  2. Implants – Use of high strength & low weight implants are more “bone-friendly” as the elastic modulus of titanium is closer to bone compared to older less flexible metals & high flexion implants ensure that the patients will receive full flexion like the healthy knee joints use to have, which also eliminate the chance of metal hypersensitivity.

  1. Improved Bearings – Much improved bearing surfaces such as cross-linked polyethylene have been shown to last many more years before wearing down, and may never wear out in some patients.
  2. Patient-Specific Instrumentation – PSI helps in improving the alignment and sizing by using computer-generated images of the patient’s anatomy to calculate precise bone cuts and implant positioning during the surgery.
  3. BCS Knee Replacement Implant – The 2 important feature of this implant which makes it effective, are firstly it has a distinct design which allows the near-natural movement of the knee and secondly it is made of a material combination which has been shown to be durable in laboratory testing.
  4. Gender Specific Knee Replacement (Females) – Zimmer Implant; well this implant is made specially to suit the female body due to significant differences in the anatomy of men and women.