You walk with the feet. You walk with the lags. You never want to walk with pain. Isn’t that ? The pain in your legs or back while walking may have several reasons. One such reason is lumbar Spinal Stenosis. You may feel that the pain is gone immediately whenever you take rest. But once you start walking it may come back. The duration of pain varies from one to another but there’s no reason to neglect it. Each time the pain returns your activity level is decreased. So early diagnosis is very much important in the case of lumbar stenosis so that you can live a painless life and enjoy your walking each time.

What’s Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Our vertibral column is made up of 26 bones.Lumbar Spinal Stenosis is actually the choking of spinal nerves at the lower back. The prime cause for this is ageing and/or osteoarthritis. In some cases it may be congenital. When the nerve is chocked the blood circulation is obstructed resulting pain in lower back or legs. It is sometimes accompanied by numbness and irritation also. Ideally the rest reduces the pain for the patients. Generally people after the age of 50 experience this but in some cases it may occur in younger ones also. Whatever it is you need not worry. There are several treatment options for you.

 Treatments for Lumber Spinal Stenosis

There are many options for lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in india. Treatments of course depend on the condition of the patient after diagnosis. The diagnosis process includes CT scan and/or MRI with electromyelogram. Lower degree of such stenosis may be managed by taking rest or pain killer or using walking stick and having food with proper nutrition value and applying packs hot and cold. But for more serious ailments doctors may suggest surgical solution. Sometimes doctor may give you option so that you may choose surgery, may not also.There are many hospitals in India who are offering lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in india. Their online portals are ready to help you in this regard.

Have Belief Get Relief

Whenever your activity level is reduced it is natural that you may lose self confidence. You want to rush to catch the train, instead you are limping. You want to play badminton but you are watching only from the side line. When these are going to happen in your life due to pain in back or lower part of your body as the result of lumbar spinal stenosis you must be feeling depressed. But there’s no worry. Proper treatment and self management of such kind of stenosis alwaysgoing to make you relieved. Your symptoms will be minimized soon once you start treatment. So have belief on yourself that you will soon get relief from pain with the aid of proper treatment and get back to normal life again.

Your Comfort Comes First

The main target of the lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in india is to give you comfort as fast as possible. The doctors in well equipped hospitals providing such treatments never compromise with the quality of treatment. They will explain you your condition and the method of treatment. They will give you the better knowledge about your condition to make you more confident to win over the discomfort you are experiencing. So in all ways there is the good prospect for you to be fit and fine once again by the lumbar spinal stenosis treatment in india.