From 8-10 am, a good time for them
During this time the woman has high levels of endorphins in your body, is one of the best times of day for sex as they get excited quite easily. For men is an acceptable time, but not the best, their testosterone levels are regular but mentally it can be concentrated on issues that must attend during the day
From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. midpoint for both
During this time both can provide an average provision for sex, if they will be open to experience especially at oral sex, fondling and masturbation and they can concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure
12 to 2:00 p.m. they want to fantasize, they do not both
Before lunch some guys activate your mind and if they find a partner willing they feel like having sex, including some sexual fantasies and games. But they are not as open and during this time have the mind on other things, but it sure can access not be too remarkable intercourse
16 to 6:00 p.m. the high point of them
During this time the man recorded the highest standards for sex, despite the workday them feel much like a long and full of desire and action game. For them it is also a good time but want to receive good care, no quick sex, prefer a long meeting for the climax
Of the 22 at 00 relaxed but ready?
For couples with children from this time the little sleep and they have time to relax and share a bit. They hormone melatonin increases generating dream, however feel romantic and willing to be loved, they are more relaxed but still not so sleepy, so both can be found if fatigue is not too much and have a round of delicious sex
At dawn, unusual but interesting sex
During this time both sound asleep, but if he wakes up to the bathroom and sees her semi nude may be excited and try a move. Between asleep and awake she can receive and get a good orgasm with that mixture of sleep and feelings. If the situation is reversed truth is that it will cost you more awake unless you have the good fortune to have an erection just then, if so interesting sex to break the routine
Each in his own time
Many couples choose the time of sex according to different factors: availability, absence of children, etc, however it is interesting to note the activity of our body as this could affect more pleasurable orgasms. Together try and determine: what is the best time to have sex as you?