A night of passion not only it can lead to orgasm. Without protection, it can become your worst nightmare in the following days. And no, we do not mean just the risk of sexually transmitted disease (which must have in mind), but because of a possible unwanted pregnancy. How many women have not lived that scare? The worst of it is that help is easier than you think, but there are certain myths that have us believe that “never will happen to us.” Do not play and better research, we share the false and true facts so that you are prepared and not fall into the game of “better without a condom”.

# 1 You may be pregnant 5-8 days after sex

TRUE: If you thought you were out of risk to few days, sorry to tell you no. Several studies have shown that sperm can live in the cervical mucus before fertilizing the egg. There is a greater chance of pregnancy among three days before ovulation to 3 days after this period.

# 2 If not ejaculate inside, no risk

FALSE: This excuse is one of the most used by the boys … and is completely lie! The fact that you ejaculate outside does not mean that there is no possibility of pregnancy. During sex, the penis produces a pre-ejaculatory fluid, which may contain sperm sometimes.Do not risk!

# 3 A contraceptive method is sufficient

Among 100 women, 15-24 you are pregnant for the misuse of this method, which leads us to suggest something else to supplement (pills, patches or injections).

TRUE: Incorrect use of the pills can increase the risk of pregnancy it is necessary to take the prescribed dose per day (and preferably at the same time) to prevent ovulation. If you forgot to take one, do it immediately that you are mindful and use another method of protection to start your next cycle. If you forgot more, not take, consult your doctor and protect yourself otherwise.

# 5 Having sex during your period avoids getting pregnant

FALSE: If you have a short period, you will begin to ovulate upon termination. Whereas sperm can live longer than thought (see point 1), there is possibility that you take an unwanted scare.Do not play! LOVE

# 6 Keep a calendar of your cycle is an inefficient method

TRUE: Much has been said of this form of contraception, as well as observing the cervical mucosa (flow) and monitoring of body temperature. The truth is that these three methods can be inaccurate if your cycle is irregular, if you find yourself taking medicine or if your body undergoes some change due to illness.

# 7 after pill prevents pregnancy

TRUE: As long as you take it within 72 hours after having sex. It works like a birth control pill, only has a high dose of estrogen and progestin. It should be noted that it is not a pill to abort, because once there pregnancy will not interrupt the process. Nor is it advisable to make your preferred method, because high doses can have consequences on your health.