The electronic cigarette is a device intended to simulate the act of smoking, which exists most often in the form of a small cylinder a little longer than a real cigarette, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarette) may look like a real cigarette.

It presents the main advantage of not causing smoke (it is more of a “steam”) and therefore does not emit CO2, tar, or one of the few 4000 chemicals (some of which are toxic even carcinogenic) from the combustion of tobacco. It has no smell of smoke, so no inconvenience to the surroundings. This does not mean that this product is safe, even if we know it no products recognized as carcinogenic. As such several websites and associations fully support the approach of the AFSSAPS calling “the greatest caution” while hoping that the authorities do in the greater independence, the necessary testing and analysis.

The e-cigarette is powered by a rechargeable battery. Many e-cigarette kits sold contain two batteries to allow you to load one while using the other.

When aspirated, the device activates a resistance by heating causes evaporation of the liquid by mixing with the inspired air. It is this mixture in the form of vapor which is inhaled by the user. Evaporation of the propylene glycol (or vegetable glycerin as the liquid used) gives the visual impression of the real smoke produced by a cigarette and will, at the throat, giving a sensation similar to that of the cigarette. The device simulates the gestural level the act of smoking also delivers a mixture sprayed at the temperature of 50-60 ° C cooler than the smoke of a conventional cigarette.

The liquid ready to be sprayed may contain nicotine. It does not contain substances such as tar or other carcinogenic products. There are also liquid without nicotine. The cartridge containing the liquid is disposable. The level of nicotine contained in the liquids are classified into different categories: High, Medium, Low and Zero or according to their weight of nicotine per milliliter: 24mg, 18mg, 11mg and 0mg, with different tastes to meet the different needs and tastes smoking.