Historically, humanity uses massage to relieve pain, many cultures has codified the principles to make an art and a science.

 Besides modern massage therapy shows little difference from that practiced there for centuries (3000 BC), the general principles have not changed.

In addition to the psychological well-being (stress evacuation) it provides, we all recognize that a good massage helps to relieve back pain.

However, most people try all other means available to relieve their back pain before seeing a masseur.

They will go to see their doctors for painkillers and muscle relaxants. They will visit a chiropractor or osteopath. But if your back pain is of nervous origin, a masseur will be able to quickly relieve your pain.

Sure, it may be relatively temporary relief depending on the source of your back pain. But for me, I have the “reflex massage” when I am tense. This is (for me) a more comprehensive approach than swallowing analgesic molecule (I have also absorbed industrial quantities for my sciatica).

The general suggestion of a massage is to boost blood flow and relax the tired muscles. When the muscles relax, blood flow increases and pain decreases. Various back massage techniques are used; some are designed to help drain the lymph glands.

Massage therapy is an autonomous profession in world although there is no state diploma. All spas and fitness rooms employ masseurs. There are many certified training is important is the quality of contact with the therapist.

It is not about to list the different schools, but to invite you to “reflex massage.” Even untrained to give massages are able to help their dear ones who bear from back pain by gently massaging. You will find a wealth of web videos and DVDs to your favorite library.

Caution massages given by neophytes must be very gentle because undue pressure should not be put on the back muscles, it is possible to inflict additional damage …

Very deep massage can be performed by trained masseurs without inflicting any pain. Things to remember: a massage given by a trained professional can bring almost instant relief of some back pain.