Inactive routine of our modern lifestyle is certainly the origin of the importance of this public health problem in developed countries. Four out of five people have to see a doctor during their life for back pain.

Often your back pain is a side effect of the life you lead – or have completed – and more specifically of your profession. The main factors favoring the backache:

Muscle tears are a common cause of back pain. This is true for the lower back pain as well as the upper back (neck and shoulders).

This can occur, for example as follows: You bend to pick up your pencil fell to the ground, you take a child in your arms … a muscle stretches in an unusual way and will cause severe pain (one / muscle fibers will breaking).

This does not need to be particularly intense action, that is why it is sometimes difficult to find the cause of a tear. Injuries can cover a very wide range of events. Received a shock in the back can cause injury and pain (eg whiplash in an accident of motor vehicle). Falls are often the cause of back pain in the elderly.

A wound received on another part of your body can cause back pain. For example, your leg is injured, you adopt an antalgic position (to reduce pain, you limp). When you do not walk right, your spine becomes misaligned, and back pain will follow.

Sprains occur when we decide to play sports, especially the fans. This occurs during exertion of greater intensity that the muscle can bear. An unexpected twisting motion can cause breakdowns. A breakdown will cause a sharp pain and hinder you during your movement.


There are many diseases that manifest in the form of back pain. Renal failure is probably the one that is the most recognized: The kidneys are not working properly can be the underlying cause of severe back pain.

Heart disease can often cause pain in the lower back, as well as diseases of the gall bladder. Arthritis is another disease that can cause back pain.

Bad posture contributes to back pain to a very high degree. Poor posture can lead to decreased blood flow and excessive tension of muscles.

Many of us hours each day sitting at a desk in front of a computer, Unfortunately, our spine is not well designed for hours of physical inactivity such as sitting and leaning posture on a computer keyboard.


Even when you are sitting, try changing your position and move the weight of your body as much as possible (leave the constraints by changing position)

This applies to anyone who spends several hours a day at the wheel of his car / truck. Take regular breaks, and some stretching exercises.


The chairs in the home as well as office are also a major factor in back pain. The back needs support. For example, hours spent lounging, slumped into a deep upholstered sofa can actually contribute to back pain.


Being overweight increases the chances of having back pain because it is your spine that supports the weight of the body.


If you know that your back pain is caused by simple muscle tension, you do not need to worry, try applying heat and get a massage to relieve your back pain.