Hair loss is a problem that many African Americans face. Coping with hair loss is often frustrating and embarrassing. While it is natural to seek help immediately, there are some things you can do on your own before moving to expensive hairdressers who specialize in hair loss. Things you need



Wash and condition hair often good. Wash your hair every week with good shampoo another product designed to stop hair loss and / or thinning. After washing, deep state with a natural protein conditioner with a light conditioner designed to help hair loss or damage.


Keep hydrated and healthy hair. The oil from your scalp daily with shea butter or oil tea tree to fight against drought (which may contribute to hair loss) while stimulating the growth of new hair. In addition to oil your scalp, cracked or damaged ends trimmed often to keep your hair healthy.


Avoid excess heat and chemicals whenever possible. Extend the time between relaxers and rework if necessary to reduce the amount of chemicals to which your hair is exposed. In addition, dry hair to air as much as possible instead of blow drying and flat iron / loop hair as little as possible.


If hair loss continues despite treatment, discuss your situation with your doctor. Sudden hair loss or excessive African Americans can sometimes be attributed to stress, vitamin deficiency or even skin disorders. A doctor will be able to recommend over-the-counter products or prescribe stronger medications if necessary.