Recipe for a facial mask regenerating clay

Apply clay ready for use on the face, carefully avoiding the eye area. Allow the clay to act for a quarter of an hour, by moistening the skin regularly. Once dry clay, spray water, it is important not to your skin feels tight. Rinse with warm water.

Your skin is very dry and sensitive?

To avoid any irritation prefer white clay (one tablespoon) with green clay and replace the mineral water of chamomile tea (cooled) to which you add such a little oil argan (a few drops) with a drop of honey. Apply for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the mask begins to crack, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The clay to clean and whiten teeth

For white and healthy teeth green clay is used as toothpaste! Toothbrush dipped in a green clay body, mixed with water. Rub, Rinse The teeth become white and fresh breath.

The clay to treat oily hair

This is a mask.

Apply the preparation of green clay on the scalp, carefully avoiding the spikes. Massage well. Rinse and finish rinsing hair with lemon water to make hair shine

Green clay for beauty

Clay is a miracle beauty product for skin, hair and teeth, and also to mitigate the bruises, scrapes heal and relieve sinusitis

The clay to mitigate bruising

Practice on the swollen area a light massage with arnica ointment and on this same area, apply a cold green clay poultice (clay into a tissue cloth or paper, held by Velcro ). It renews the clay poultice every 2 hours until the disappearance of pain.

Clay relieving scratches, cuts and bites

Apply the clay directly on the skin. As soon as the dry clay, rinsed. Then the operation is repeated until the skin is no longer irritated.

The clay to treat infected buttons

Using a brush, apply green clay on irritated and infected areas. Let dry. Rinse. Then go a lemon quarter the button.