I returned with a 100% natural mask is an Indian recipe. In fact, it is the mask applied by Indian brides to make themselves beautiful for their weddings. Do not be surprised especially not by the ingredients.

This mask is a kind of peeling; it deeply cleanses the skin and gives it shine. He is known to fight acne and all kinds of imperfections. If you suffer from acne you can see this article for more solutions.

I use this mask every time I find my face a little tired or dull. But use once every two weeks for dry and sensitive skin like mine, or once a week for normal to oily skin, would be better, but you know, the more lazy than me, being there is none: p

You need milk, three tablespoons or so.


Chick Pea ground is the one used to prepare the ghrayba (we sell by the kilo, but I find that of “Randa” best): four tablespoons.


A spoonful of turmeric


Half a teaspoon of olive oil or sweet almond oil, here I used olive oil


If the mixture is a little liquid add ground chickpeas, if too thick add a little milk.


Like all mask “dry” you must apply it to the outside, to lift the skin, or at least to prevent it “falls”: p

If your skin is sensitive not get too dry and remove the mask with water. If your skin is oily rub lightly to remove the mask and after wash thoroughly with clean water.

You can finish by cleaning with cleanser, sometimes a little turmeric remains on the skin, but it does not turn yellow skin either.

 Of course you can apply this mask all over your body.

That’s all for today, you can view the natural recipes that I have posted here.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any comments I would be very happy to answer them..