When our lips are exposed to the sun, wind, and other irritants, they are devoid of sebaceous glands that allow them to stay soft and hydrated. Our lips do not contain more melanin, skin pigment that initiates the tan and protects us from the sun. It is therefore not surprising that they sometimes a wizened appearance and cracked old leather! To keep lips pleasant to look at and kiss, give them something to defend …: P

Chapped lips: what’s wrong?

Your lips are dry, irritated and cracked. They hurt you or you itch. The cold, dry air of winter, sunburn, allergic reactions fever or simply to moisten lips are factors causing the appearance of cracking.

The lip balm

Before going out, apply ointment of beeswax, 100% natural, available in pharmacies.

To relieve chapped lips, some people swear by cocoa butter (which also heals damaged hands). Apply in 4 or 5 times a day, more if your lips are very dry.

Practical remedies houses: olive oil and vegetable fat, which soften and moisturize chapped lips. If you have capsules of vitamin E, pierce one and apply the oil it contains your chapped lips.

     “Vaseline is a bit outdated but still remains effective”

Milking grease is also suitable for bipeds … because of its high efficacy against chapping. Choose a product containing petrolatum. You will find in some chains cosmetics stores or online.

Moisturize your lips from the inside

Drink 8 glasses of water a day, see more. If this does not cure the drought, it prevents it from getting worse.

     Apply a lip balm.

  Lipstick good and dark shade helps protect lips from the sun and moisturize.

If the air is very dry in your home, prevent the appearance of cracks by placing a humidifier in your bedroom all night.

   Try to eat more foods rich in B vitamins: meat, fish, grains, nuts, vegetables with green leaf. In some people, a vitamin B deficiency promotes cracking.

 Avoid wet your lips. Saliva hydrate temporarily, but it evaporates quickly, which further dries the lips. In addition, it contains digestive enzymes that dehydrate the tissues.

 Do not use phenol or camphor balm. These antiseptic exercise a drying effect.

Do not use scented balm on the lips of a child. He did not resist the urge to lick, compounding chapping.

In general, the regular application of lip balm enough to treat chapping, However, if the condition of your lips do not improve after 2 to 3 weeks, see your doctor. Do the same if it is often cracked: You may be suffering from oral candidacies (or thrush). An allergic sensitivity to the components of a dentifrice, a lipstick or a lip balm may also cause dryness. Sometimes, but rarely, as continuously red lips, dry or scaly be a sign of a precancerous condition.