Magnesium is quite the amazing mineral. Some would say miraculous, but since it’s likely you’re not going on faith alone when it comes to relieving physical pain, let’s explore a bit further on why it is that magnesium is so effective for pain relief.

First, we cannot live without it! It would be impossible for us to produce energy. Our muscles would be stuck in the contracted position, which doesn’t sound good of course. Though it does lend us some insight as to how magnesium affects our muscular tissues. In fact, there are over 300 bio-chemical processes regulated by this mineral throughout the human body according to Ancient Minerals by EnviroMedica.

As further mentioned by at the link above, magnesium is responsible for regulating everything from energy production and ATP, to enzyme activity, to proper mineral balance. These are all essential elements for alleviating body pain.

So, how can taking a supplement like magnesium citrate regulate physical pain? Well this particular medicine acts similar to a laxative and helps cleanse the colon. In fact, there are many types of magnesium supplements on the market, aimed at providing relief from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

One such product is called Oxy-Powder, a popular colon cleanse product which contains magnesium oxides. This particular combination serves to aerate the colon walls by way of nascent oxygen bubble scrubbing. A magnesium based Colon cleanse is also a highly recommended way to gently cleanse the colon without resorting to expensive colonics.

Another little known fact about pain relief is the ingredients of Epsom salts, which is simply a compound of magnesium and sulphate. The name Epsom actually originates from a salt spring in Surrey, England, and is well known for increasing nutrient absorption, detoxing, and easing migraines.

The high levels of magnesium are responsible when it comes to managing joint pain, arthritis, and various bone, ligament, and muscle pains. In fact, taking extended Epsom salt baths are recommended to help relieve chronic pain.

Another little known fact is that magnesium is recommended to be taken increasingly more often before surgery. Building up stores of magnesium in the body will prevent major complications that can arise due to shock and bodily trauma during an operation.

As mentioned in the article “Safer Surgery With Magnesium” on Dr. Sircus’s website, such complications may include arrhythmias, stroke, kidney failure, or infections and increased paid post-surgery.

For a more holistic approach towards pain management, you can visit The Reiki Village for informative advice on how to more effectively manage pain. You might consider both internal and external remedies to healing alongside magnesium with a Reiki practitioner, since taking magnesium citrate supplements along with acupuncture, acupressure, or another type of energy work can yield greater benefits.