Everybody wants to display a great, cheerful smile while meeting people, closing an important corporate deal or out on a date. The only way to retain the impactful smile is to have equally compatible teeth that reflects health, shine and positive charm. However we often realize how important our teeth are until we encounter an irritating dental problem. It might be ugly film of plaque, slow molar decay, yellowing cavities, aching or swollen or bleeding gums or even sudden dislocation of a tooth. It is better to take certain hygiene precautions and conscious oral care than visiting a local dentist upon the finding of serious dental trouble. So here are those important home remedies that even your dentist would recommend for improved oral health.

Keep the track of what you eat daily

Keeping a careful track of what you consume in your everyday diet keeps your oral health to its optimal level. Steer clear from processed or sugary food or anything that lingers on your teeth for longer and leaves its residue. Alcohol and cigarettes contain toxic elements that are unfavorable to oral health and puts severe effect on your teeth which includes discolor, noticeable yellow spots and decay. Try to purge addictive substances and foster the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day as it keeps saliva formation going. Saliva has anti-acid properties.

 Be precise while brushing

Though the approach of dental hygiene is thought to be significant to dental health, it is often regarded as something that doesn’t need attention. Children tend to cheat on their brushing activities out of ignorance about the long-time benefits of proper brushing. Having said that, don’t consider your brush just as your morning companion since dentists often recommend opting for brushing before going to sleep. Adopting a proper technique of manipulating your brush is as important as this habit itself. Hold your brush at 45 degrees at the gum line and bring it in contact with gum line and tooth surface, and be gentle while you clean the outer surfaces using specific back-and-forth and up-and-down actions. Repeat the same for cleaning inner surfaces.

Have two cups of Green Tea every day

Green Tea is a zero calorie drink and its benefits extend beyond your usual perceptive knowledge. Not only Green tea helps eliminate toxins from your body and boost metabolism, it also contains rich antioxidants and essential compounds that eradicate the growth of bacterial infection in your teeth. Green tea naturally keeps at bay gum inflammation and its anti-acid properties control acidity level and plaque formation in your mouth. Which is why drinking Green tea two times a day regularly will save your teeth from unwanted decay and cavities, and you will eventually develop stink-free, fresh mouth. Another surprising benefit of Green tea is its ability to protect your mouth from cellular damage and cancer tumors. Consult your dentist and he will undoubtedly advice you to brew it every day.

 Consume teeth-friendly supplements

Are you taking sufficient calcium and Vitamin D for your everyday teeth well-being? If you are not sure, here is what you need to know. Teeth and bones are the parts of your body that stand based on the power of calcium. Dental care experts often recommend taking Calcium along with Vitamin D since they are accountable for maintaining the health of gums and teeth. You can eat vital foods like milk, orange juice, egg white, yogurt, broccoli, cheese or other calcium-enhancing dairy products. If your lab tests suggest lower level of these essential nutrient, your doctor may advice you to take extrinsic supplements of Calcium and Vitamin D accompanied best by Vitamin B complex, Copper, Zinc, Iron and Potassium to prevent your teeth from cracking, decaying and bleeding.

Shield your teeth from bacteria

Try to limit the excessive intake of sugary items like candy, sweet coffee, saccharine and cold drinks. They all contribute to creating slow formation of bacteria that in turn cause massive damage to your teeth and gums and foster the possibility of plaque, cavities and repelling odor. Bacteria can also develop if you don’t keep the habit of cleaning your mouth after eating something sweet or fibrous. A good dentist insists on adopting the best technique to maintain bacteria-free hygiene, which is to floss between teeth to remove ingrained food particles and resultant bacteria growth. Also, flossing right before you brush gives you remarkable effect. Apart from this, anti-bacterial mouth wash also helps discourage bacterial effect and stink in mouth.


Your teeth are the vital part of your body and ignoring its health will put you in serious predicament including uncomfortable living, restricted diet and gum diseases. It is better to stay vigilant about oral health and hygiene. These small measures explained above are the best way to take care of your teeth and gums. This is every dentist recommends sticking to them in your daily life.