How to Buy Shakeology Cheap

Shakeology is a household name in the shakes recipe for its distinct brand. It’s not just the type of shakes known around. It is different from the rest and goes further for health enhancement and weight loss. It’s unique for its value. If you haven’t tried before, getting one of those flavors will be a right way to go if for the very first time.

Shakeology costs $129.95 with the exclusion of task and shipment costs. You’ll however, want it coming cheaper than this if possible, right? This all lies in your hand to get it at a much cheaper rate if you can take some few steps with some juicy provisions for a discount. So, we look at the various discounts on how to buy shakeology cheap and maybe even free!How to Buy Shakeology Cheap

Sign up to be a team Beachbody coach and get some money saved at every purchase

Joining Team Beachbody Coach does not translate to becoming a sport’s coach or something of sorts. You are not even buying or selling anything either. All you’ll need do is to register with a fee. It is a once off fee of $39.95 membership. Other fees charged thereafter come after the first month. This is a monthly fee of $15.95 afterwards. To be eligible also, you must be 18 years or above.

Now, what do you gain with all the fees? By becoming a Beachbody member, you save 25% of every of your purchase with Beachbody, both supplements and workouts. This is cost effective when calculated and compared with retail price.

Get a price slash by ordering shakeology with monthly auto-shipping

This is another great way you can buy shakeology cheaply. By making your order with a monthly auto-shipping, you save over $15 if you were to order directly instead as a retail buyer. This is an awesome package with additional benefits. These are what you get in addition:

  •        You pay just a $2 for shipment
  •        You have free shakeology workouts
  •        You can make a change of flavor within 30 days of order.
  •        You have the option of choosing from the different bag packs of your choice.
  •        You are given the privilege of refund after 30 days if not satisfied with the product.

Becoming a member of the Team Beachbody Club will save you some money

Membership of the Team Beachbody club is another way you can buy shakeology for much cheaper price. You become a member of this club by paying about $39 every three months. You save 10% on every of your purchase of shakeology or Beachbody products. One good benefit of this membership is the freedom you have with the shakeology platform. You are given free access to their various workouts at any time you want to.

You have access to Member message boards where you can share with others or get support with workouts or other benefits offered by the membership.

You get all Beachbody products on demand.

You get access to Beachbody celebrity trainers

You get custom plans on meals. This includes recipe and tips.