How to Buy Shakeology

Shakeology is a great and powerful supplement. In fact, it is often described as a superfood formula containing nutrients needed by the body to get replenished, help keep body weight balanced or help check it and also boost the immune system of the body.

It is not just any shake like others for its rich formulation with about 70 nutritive value and components to help keep the body healthy.

How to Buy Shakeology

In buying shakeology, there are two viable ways you can get the product. It should be noted that even with the popularity of this product, you might yet find the original product if allowed to say so, in big e-commerce stores online and other places except with these two approaches of through the beachbody and beachbody coach member.

Buying the shakeology products directly from the company’s website

This is the most reliable way you can buy any of the shakeology products. The products are outlined with specific flavors and price tags to go along with them. Most have similar pricing of $129.95 except for some very few which have much lesser price tags. This is how to buy from the shakeology website in steps if you are just about to for the first time:

  1.     Visit by typing directly into the browser’s address bar.
  2.     Select any of the product or flavors of your choice from the dashboard.
  3.     From the selected product, below it are two selections you have to make- Package size and Choose order type. Make your selection accordingly.
  4.     Click add to cart from the activated button.
  5.     If you are done with the selection and adding to cart, point at the cart icon and click on checkout from the drop down menu.
  6.     From the new page display, locate the “new customer?” Highlighted beneath it is checkout. Click on it to continue. This will take you to fill a form. This is the shipping details required.
  7.     Fill out all required details accordingly. This includes your name, email address, phone number, country, flavor type, shipment and other related information. You can edit your order if in case of any need for adjustment.
  8.     Note at the top of the shipping form that there are three steps to completing your order. These are the shipping, the payment, and the account. Now after filling the shipping, click on continue to go to the next stage of your order.
  9.     The next stage is the payment method. You will be required to fill in your payment processing method from the options provided.
  10.                       And finally, you are done when you submit after making your payment in your account that has been created for you in the process.

You should have received an email on your request and every detail you ought to have about your order. You can go back to your account anytime to manage your order. These can be if there is a need for any modification or cancellation as the need occurs within the time frame allowed.