When people hear about Shakeology, they think – “it is expensive” but guess what, it is not! People feel that it is very pricey because they have to pay the complete price up front. Compare the price of Shakeology with the amount of breakfast and pricey snacks you have per day to satisfy your food cravings for a month and compare them. You will have your answer there. For example, if you add some ingredients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins to your everyday diet, it will become much pricier than Shakeology. This supplement serves as a source of better nutrients and health benefits.WHAT IS THE COST OF SHAKEOLOGY

The few questions that come up in everyone’s mind regarding price are listed below:

  1. What is the price of Shakeology?
  2. Are there any offers, discounts or coupons that we can use?
  3. Is there a way to get a free sample of Shakeology?

The Price of Shakeology

A total price of Shakeology comes around $129.95 for 24 packets that have 30 servings. When you purchase the bag, 6 additional servings are offered, so it is best to go for the bag. If you need to take some with you, add a scoop in a sandwich bag and travel with it.

Offers, Discounts and Coupons Etc….

If you are looking for some offer, the best one is that you can become a Beachbody instructor and pay a onetime sign up fee of $39 and later get a 25% off on all the Beachbody products that include Shakeology. This will get you a cost of $99.60 for Shakeology, which is a great deal.

Free Samples

There is a 30 day money back guarantee and within those days, you can try all the flavors from the sampler pack that will cost you around $19.95. This is a better way because you don’t have to put in all your money in at once.

A second method of getting some off the actual price if you do not want to become a coach is direct auto ship. This will remove the $10 that is added for shipping every time you order. Moreover, if you are really looking forward to becoming a coach, you can opt for a challenge pack and waive the $39.95 set up fee and help yourself to become a coach.

Why Shakeology can be worth the purchase?

  1. You really want to shed some extra pounds that you have gained and are looking forward to modifying your diet. Sometimes a complimentary guide with the Shakeology purchase is also proffered to the customer.
  2. You are in to nutritious food and your workout calls for healthy supplements for health benefits.
  3. You have a sensitive stomach and digestion process and you also need regularity as well as a proper mix of probiotics to strengthen your digestive system.
  4. You have never had a great diet or a healthy lifestyle and you are looking for a one stop store for all the vitamin supplementation you need. Well, here is your answer – Shakeology.