The sun, that big ball of light up there in the sky, what would we do without it?  The sun often gets given a negative role for having only detrimental effects on our health, when actually, it has many positive attributes. It plays a big role in the health of our skin and can determine how quickly our skin will age. There are good and bad benefits regarding the sun, so let’s have a little look at ways the sun can affect us directly.

Enhancing our Mood

The wonderful thing about sunlight is that it is a free mood enhancer. Why do you think that people go on holiday to sunny places? Easy, isn’t it? How many people go to cold, cloudy and dull places? When the body gets sunlight, serotonin is created in the body and increases what is known is known as the body’s “happy” hormone, and is essential to mood enhancement and makes people feel happy.

The D Vitamin   

Sunlight’s most widely known benefit is the way it boosts the body’s supply of vitamin D. Indeed, most deficiencies of vitamin D are connected to a lack of sun exposure. Vitamin D also assists the absorption of calcium in the bones, but at the same time a tan isn’t required to receive the proper amount of vitamin D that your body requires.

Cataracts are a No-No

Now the dark side of too much sunlight. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye’s lens that will go on to hinder a person’s vision. Cataracts will form in someone’s eyes of people if they get extended exposure to sunlight. Most UV light from the sun will enter the eyes through the lens and irritate or potentially damage them. You can prevent cataracts inside your home by window tinting in Midland, or by the wearing of sunglasses while outside. House window tinting in Perth has never been easier.

Too Much Sun

Sunburn is well known as one of the most notorious side effects of too much of a good thing, and is why people in sunny climes tend to avoid the power of the sun. Symptoms of sunburn usually don’t show up until around 3 – 4 hours after the event. This can even worsen after 24-36 hours after exposure.

There is also a chance of skin discoloration with too much sun exposure. There can be an abnormality with the melanin production. Make sure to put on sunblock before leaving the house and choose the right treatment when sunburn and skin discoloration occurs.

The Usual Indications of Serious Sunburn are:

  • Tender skin
  • Blisters
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Nausea

Severe burns, a fever and pain or blisters that are filled with liquid as a result of sunburn will require urgent attention from a medical professional.


In most cases, wrinkles are due to the aging process of the skin, but high UV exposure can and does cause wrinkles to form by a weakening of collagen in the skin. There are some remedies for wrinkling, which can include cutting back on tanning and giving skin nourishment with the use of a good moisturiser.

Here to Stay

The sun has been here a long, long time and is not going anywhere fast. Know how to tame its effects!