Whilst a mouth guard seems to be an innocuous piece of plastic that is not all that substantial, in reality, it is an important dental accessory. Plus, a mouth guard that is designed for sporting activities is not the same as a mouth guard that is used to alleviate jaw pain. Each guard is a separate type of appliance.

Why Mouth Guards Are Worn

Anyone who is a specialist in orofacial pain, however, can elaborate on the differences. According to experts in this area, mouth guards are made for one of three purposes. The appliances are either worn during sports, to provide pain relief, or to protect patients who grind their teeth.

Why You Need to Obtain a Mouth Guard from a Dentist

With respect to sports play, mouth guards that are purchased at a pharmacy often do not provide the same protection as a customised guard, or a mouth guard that is made in a dental lab. That is because mouth guards that are bought at the store usually do not fit well and cannot be adjusted for added protection. For example, if no adjustment is made for an occlusion, any force that is felt may be out of balance, or can be directed to the wrong spots in the mouth.

Consult with a Dentist about Your Mouth Guard Needs

In addition, wearing mouth guards that are not customised by a dental practice in Nottingham can end up being bad for your mouth’s tissues, jaw joints, and teeth. So, if you want to ensure that your mouth guard protect you during sports play, you need to speak to a dentist about custom-making a mouth guard instead. Today, mouth guards provided by dentists are made with a highly mouldable material.

If you need a custom mouth guard then, select a gum shield that offers mouth contact over a larger area and ensures more protection. When a shield or guard is customised, it is fabricated solely for the purpose of safeguarding the oral cavity.

How Mouth Guards Are Used in Sports Play

Mouth guards used for sports play can be made to match the colours of a school or college, and can be designed for either heavy or light preservation of the jaw and teeth. A guard can also be personalised with the wearer’s name on it in case it happens to get misplaced or lost. In the UK, mouth guards or shields are used for sports such as martial arts, rugby, and boxing.

Needless to say, a mouth guard is a must-have appliance for anyone who is involved in extreme contact sports. Therefore, you should never begin any sporting activity without this appliance.

A Guard Designed for People Who Grind Their Teeth

Whilst you may use a guard for sporting activities, you may also need one, as indicated, to protect against grinding your teeth (bruxism). Again, the same type of appliance that is used for bruxism is not suitable for wear on the sports field. Its design may be made up of soft, medium, or hard materials, and the appliance can be fitted to the lower or upper jaw.

A mouth guard, as mentioned, is used for pain relief too – in this case, for temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ. So, when a custom mouth guard is made, it can take some time to make sure that it fits well and is comfortable. After all, you cannot rush a process like customisation.