Pregnant and suffering from varicose veins! Well that’s a painful combination!

During pregnancy a woman have to suffer from various problems like vomiting, nausea, fatigue, body ache, etc. According to a report published in Aetna there are around 25% women suffering from varicose and spider veins during their pregnancy.

The visibly swollen looking veins on the backside of the legs add to the apathy of the pregnant woman. They tend to ache and swell due to the increased blood flow in the body of the pregnant woman. Due to high blood flow in the legs, buttocks, pelvis and feet the veins of the body get aggravated further. You can get reliable solutions and treatment of this problem from reliable sources such as

The varicose and spider veins do not possess any threat to the health of the pregnant woman but they can cause a lot of discomfort to them. Problems like embarrassment in wearing short dresses, pain and frustration tend to develop due to this condition. Luckily there are some tips to control the exaggerating problem of varicose veins. Keep reading on!


Walk it out ladies! Yes that’s the key. Keep taking short walks in the entire day. This will keep a regular blood flow in your body keeping it away from swollen veins. You can also perform exercises like swimming, cycling and yoga to relax the stressed out veins. But don’t forget to consult your gynecologist before resuming any of the exercises.

Be Active

Remember the golden rule. The more activeness s equal to less varicose and spider veins on legs. Extended rest can make your blood flow in the body to slow down increasing the symptoms of varicose veins. Try to be more active throughout the day. Whenever you feel like relaxing, you can do it by elevating your feet

Compress the veins stress

Always wear the fitted compressed stockings as prescribed by your doctor. Whenever you feel that your feet is getting stressed out wear your stockings. By going this pressure will be build up at the bottom of the legs making the blood flow upwards from the toe to knee

Be Comfortable

Avoid uncomfortable and tight clothes as much as possible. This is because the elastic content will increase the pressure on your veins giving a rise to the varicose and spider veins. Loose clothes will ensure proper blood circulation in the body

Have a proper diet

Do you know that constipation can cause rectal varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Constipation is also not good for a pregnant women’s health as well. Try to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Eat lots of fruits and high fiber food. Minimize the sodium intake and maintain a healthy weight all together.

These were a few tips to keep you safe from varicose and spider veins during pregnancy. If you feel elevated pain in your affected areas of leg or face please consult the doctor immediately. Any change in skin color around the affected area also calls for a consultation with the doctor.

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