Detoxification of the body is a procedure for purifying the body of the drug and the products of its transformation. Detoxification of drug addicts allows you to move the breaking much faster and easier. The method of UBOD (ultrafast detoxification of the body) gives a chance even for heroin addicts with a long history to pass this stage on the way to recovery without any pain.

In the event that detoxification at home is possible, the doctor will arrive at the patient’s bed within one to one and half hours. He will introduce special drugs to cleanse the body of drugs and leave his recommendations for further treatment. With the crack cocaine rehab you can expect a speedy recovery.

If the addict has severe chronic diseases of the internal organs, detoxification of drug addicts at home is not possible. In this situation, if the patient agrees, he will be hospitalized by medical transport to the department of our clinic.

Detoxification of the body of drug addicts at home

Thanks to the help of the doctors of the clinic “Health” you can overcome physical dependence on drugs with little or no pain, or even without unpleasant sensations.

Detoxification in the clinic in Moscow, means of detoxification

When a patient enters the hospital, the doctor examines it and makes an individual treatment plan. To detoxify (detoxify) the body uses drugs that accelerate the withdrawal of drug compounds from the blood. Prevention of possible complications is carried out. In the presence of chronic diseases, anti-relapse treatment is carried out, because it is during the break-up period that there is an exacerbation of diseases even before latent.

The duration of hospitalization for detoxification of the body according to the classical scheme can be 3-21 days, on average, treatment lasts about a week. After the patient’s state of health is normalized, and all withdrawal symptoms abate, the addict can continue treatment in the clinic to fully cope with the addiction, or abandon it.

How to get detoxified?

Before the detoxification of the body in the clinic in Moscow, the patient must undergo a checkup so that the physician can objectively assess the state of his health. Upon completion of the treatment, it will be necessary to stay in the clinic for a few more days under the supervision of doctors.

The use of marijuana (Marijuana (hemp) ) is on the rise and has recently surpassed the use of tobacco. Now more than ever, adolescents abuse prescription drugs, in particular analgesics, sedatives and stimulants, as well as over-the-counter medicines for the most part with dextromethorphan (which is present in many cough suppressants). Toxicomania(Volatile solvents) is also a problem, especially among adolescents. Most of these psychoactive substances are addictive, the beginning of the use of such substances is not in adolescence, but in adulthood prevents the associated acute problems and reduces the risk of development during the life of disorders associated with the use of psychoactive substances.