Athlete’s foot is a fungi infection of the skin and it’s mostly common among men. A lot of people that have this disease tend to have recurring rashes as a result of the ability of the fungi to survive in the cracks between the toes.

This infection is also called tinea pedis and it flourishes in damp conditions such as near swimming pools, locker room floors, and shower rooms. People normally walk around bare feet in these areas and as a result, the fungus disease easily spread.

This infection is also very common because our sweaty feet soak up our socks inside our shoes and can easily create a moist environment for the tinea to thrive on. There are many symptoms of athlete’s foot and they can vary, but the most notable symptoms are cracking, redness, peeling, burning and itching. This fungi infection can easily spread to other areas of the body such as the underarms and groins if treatment is ignored for a long period of time.

Essential Oils for Athlete’s Foot

One of the best natural remedies for the treatment of athlete’s foot is the use of essential oils. Some of the best essential oils for athlete’s foot treatment are:

Lavender Oil– This oil has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, soothing and healing properties and as such is very effective against this fungus infection. You can apply the oil directly onto your feet or add it to any lotion and then massage your feet with it. It’s recommended that you sleep with socks when making use of this remedy to allow the essential oil to penetrate deeply into the depths of the skin.

Tea Tree Oil–The tree tea oil contains very powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. You can apply the essential oil directly onto the affected area or mix 10ml of the oil with 3ml of olive oil inside one liter of water and soak your feet inside for around 30 minutes. If you’re going to rub the tree tea oil directly onto your feet, make sure you’re not using the oil in its undiluted form to avoid skin irritation.

Peppermint Oil–Rubbing peppermint oil on your foot will help fight off the fungal infection. This essential oil helps in relieving the itching, and the odor associated with the disease. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Lemon Oil – Aside from helping fight the infection, this oil helps your body to heal from inside out. In addition, it promotes better blood circulation just like the peppermint oil. Regular use of this oil on your foot gives it a healthier look. To use, add 8 drops of lemon oil and 8 drops of olive oil to a liter of warm water and soak your foot in the solution for a few minutes.

Eucalyptus Oil–This oil kills the bacteria responsible for blisters and broken heels on the feet. All you have to do is gently massage this oil onto your skin on a regular basis for a quick relief. You can also use this essential oil as a preventive procedure by mixing 1 tbsp. of the eucalyptus oil with 2 cups of water and spraying the mixture inside your shoe. This will help sanitize your shoes and keep away the infection.

That’s just about it on the essential oils for athletic foot treatment. Apply these oils on your feet on a regular basis for a fast relief from the fungi infection.