dry skin in winter

Winters comes with a lot of perks like vacations, the chance of devouring hot food and other such things but with all these perks some disadvantages also come but nothing more we can deal with. Some of these disadvantages include dry skin that is the problem of most of the population of this planet. And if we try nothing to prevent this condition our skin gets wrinkly and itchy and becomes a sour sight for anyone with eyes. So apart from enjoying all those perks of winter we have to avoid this condition of dry skin if we want to fully enjoy this weather.

dry skin in winter

Dry skin; a major problem of winter season

Dry skin is the normal problem in people with naturally dry skin and especially in winters but during winters it happens to all the individuals. Dry skin is a condition which is known as xeroderma in medical terms.  Dry skin condition occurs due to a lot of different conditions like when you are not keeping your body hydrated or do not hydrate your skin much. Using some cosmetic products or some kind of soap that do nothing save you skins moisture can be the reason of dry skin. These soap do not at all or don’t have enough moisturising components that might help moisturising your skin. Other than that when skin is exposed to the harsh environment it might lose the moisture content of it and thus finally lead to dry skin which is all wrinkly, rough and itchy. Some people find the dry skin quite annoying due to the feeling of uneasiness it gives to you. Dry skin initially might not seem that big of a problem itself to you but it can lead to other severe condition like ripped skin due to dryness. But all of this can be avoided at all by taking proper care of your skin

How to deal with and avoid dry skin?

  • The first and the foremost thing that you would have to keep in your mind is that the more you keep your body hydrated the more will you be able to avoid the condition of dry skin. Water is one of the essential requirement of our body since most of the composition of the body is of water which shows us the importance of more water intake. The more we drink water the more we all able to go through some medical situations. Dry skin is the condition where the upper epidermal layer of the skin gets deprived of water and die in the process forming a keratin layer on the top which has to be then scrubbed off in order to get new smooth and plain skin.
  • Moisturising your skin regularly during dry weather as frequently as one can is also an important act that we need to implement in our daily life. For this purpose, many types of moisturisers in different formulations are available in the market like in the form of creams and lotions for your whole body. At moisturising your skin you start to get rid of the keratin layer and the new layer that appears after that is completely moisturised and new. With skinB5 promo codes you can find amazing discount coupons on moisturising products hence making your dry skin care too easy. And with the help of Spark Natural promo code you can find free shipping or discount shipping coupons too.
  • Avoiding harsh climate or weather is also one of the important methods to avoid the dryness in your skin. You can do that by covering up your whole body including hands and feet to avoided the loss of skin’s moisture content and also when you are at your own home away from the harsh weather, maintain the humidity at you place and don’t let the environment of your place go dry sucking all the moisture off your skin.

We can avoid itchy and dry stretched skin with the help of above-mentioned conditions and ways.