Despite all the doom and gloom about rising obesity, some people just don’t get fat. What is their secret?


If you think about it, it shouldn’t be such a great mystery what skinny people do. But nutrition science has a legacy of being wrong on some points. First eating animal food was good for us because it provided essential nutrients. Then it was deemed bad for us by the World Health Organisation on account of it causing cancer.

Then white carbs were supposedly good for us because they were easier to digest. Then they were bad for us because they missed out the nutritious parts of the grain.

The list goes on and on. But there are some tried and tested methods for keeping skinny that seem to have worked throughout all era. So what are they?

They Keep The Meal As The Focus

These days we’re surrounded by distractions from our meals. The TV is on. The phone is ringing. The kids are screaming.

But being distracted from what we’re eating can mean that we eat more than if we’re paying attention. Researchers at Birmingham University recently found out we eat more unhealthy food when distracted. It’s as if our brains can’t fully register the experience of eating, so we don’t feel full.

They Supplement Their Diet Sensibly

Every since ancient Greece, people have been looking for plants to supplement their diet. The medicinal effects of plants are widely known today.

But in amongst the crowd is the extract of the Asian spice tamarind, Garcinia Cambogia. People that want to maintain their weight claim that the extract actually works. There are Cambogia Garcinia reviews all over the internet claiming it is the next big thing in weight loss.

And if it were, it wouldn’t be surprising. Plants, like chickpeas and oats, have been used to protect against weight gain for centuries.

They Only Have Healthy Food In The Fridge

When you’ve had a tough day at work, your brain is on the lookout for treats. After expending all that energy, it’s looking for a reward.

Cupboards full of junk food are an unnecessary temptation. It means that on top of working hard, you also have to expend effort at home resisting the food you want. It’s not a sustainable situation. Skinny people avoid this problem by only keeping fresh ingredients in the house. If they want something tasty, they have to go to the effort of making it.

They Take A Walk After A Meal

Taking a walk after a meal is a good way to reduce the insulin spike after eating. It’s no wonder that some of the oldest, but healthiest people in the world make walking a part of their routine.

Lowering your blood sugar after a meal can help you avoid storing fat. And you don’t even have to go out into the cold. Simply doing chores around the house after a meal is enough to provide some effect. The worst thing you can do after a heavy meal is just sit there and allow the pounds to pile on.