By now most people know that traditional cigarettes and tobacco products are unhealthy. Not only that, but they even kill non-smokers due to the second-hand smoke that is generated from a few puffs! Despite the tobacco industry sustaining attacks for more than a few decades, it hasn’t actually disappeared. This is bad news for hospitals, but the good news is that vaping and e-cigarettes have found a way to gain market share and offer a potentially safer alternative.

Vaping has been making headway only in the last decade and represents a rapidly growing sector of the market. While it has yet to dislodge traditional tobacco products as the smoker’s preference worldwide, it has certainly come to the attention of many young people and smokers who want to leave the cigarette bandwagon once and for all. Even though science has yet to answer many long-term safety questions on the act of vaping, it seems at least clear, if not even intuitive, that inhaling a flavoured vapour that quickly disperses should be safer than traditional tobacco products. In any event, while the jury is still largely out on the long-term health impacts of vaping, there are a multitude of online stores all too willing to provide quality products and e-liquid flavours for the discerning vaper.

The Known Benefits of Vaping

Even though vaping is quite a new activity, it seems clear that it offers the following benefits over traditional smoking and tobacco products:

  • Vaping is not banned in public places right now. Some people might be frustrated at having to inhale puffs of flavoured vapour, but science is not yet clear on any long-term health consequences, and so it remains an accepted public activity. This is in contrast to the many public areas where smoking is now banned.
  • When you can get as many vaping sessions out of a single e-liquid bottle as most vapers do, it becomes very clear that apart from the initial investment in vapour pipes and vaping sets, the activity is much cheaper than sustaining a cigarette habit.
  • For vapers and most people around them, the vapour simply smells better than tobacco smoke. If given a choice between smelling cherry flavour vapour and stale tobacco smoke, it’s clear that most would choose the cherry! There are also many flavours of e-liquid from which to choose, and you can even buy e-liquid from a UK supplier.
  • Even if you’re a smoker looking to get yourself unhooked from traditional cigarettes, you can simply add some drops of nicotine to your flavoured e-liquid. This means that you get the hit of nicotine, and also means that you can regulate it in order to drop it altogether. The benefit of this is that you don’t ingest the chemical cocktail that goes into cigarettes.

Buying from a Trusted Online Vaping Supplier

Getting in on the vaping action isn’t too difficult, and you can find a wide variety of online suppliers. Look for suppliers that have been around for a while, stock the latest vaping kits and premium e-liquid brands, and offer advice and information on vaping.