walker cup holders

As your legs continue weakening, you need special equipment to get by. Walking disabilities demand that you invest in equipment that is safe and of top quality. Also, it should be made for you as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you only have to buy customized equipment. If your budget is tight and you need some options, there are many inexpensive ones that don’t drill a hole in your pocket. The following are some basic supportive equipment that someone with walking disability absolutely needs –

walker cup holders

Walkers – If you or your loved one are suffering from a walking disability but your hands are moderately strong, you might be suggested a walker by the therapist or physician. It is the best option when you have moderate impairment in your legs. During fitting, make sure that your arms are relaxed and your wrist is at level with the front bar of the walker. Relax and level your shoulders, and flex your wrists at an angle of about 30 degrees. If your arms aren’t too strong, you can get a rolling walker that comes with wheels. There are options to get safety wheels with locked brakes, foldable walkers and walkers with an attached bench.

Leg Braces – If you are experiencing foot drops, your therapist might recommend leg braces instead of walkers. These braces are ideal for those people who have mobility issues while climbing or coming down stairs and lifting their knee. Such people are vulnerable to getting hurt from tripping because of mobility issues. The braces go around the ankles or knees and offer additional support.

Wheelchairs – Wheelchairs are recommended by the physician when there are excessive mobility issues and both your arms and legs are too weak to use a walker or leg braces. There are manual wheelchairs that are portable and light. Power wheelchairs are electric in nature and don’t require any manual movement on the part of the patient. These chairs and customized and you can get a test drive before you buy one. Customizable wheelchairs also come with various amenities to make life easier for you. There is an option to have adjustable positioning and communication devices can also be added to the wheelchair.

Accessories for walking disability equipment include walker cup holders, hand grips, adjustable holders, benches, et al. Cup holders are foldable, light in weight and made from top quality material. They can be used for holding cups of all shapes and sizes, and it is simple to attach these cup holders to bed rails, walkers, wheelchairs and other equipment. Some cup holders are foldable for portability and come with a compact design. All these supportive equipment for walking disabilities are designed keeping the comfort of the patient in mind.