There was a television advertisement that stressed upon the importance of water where the main protagonist mentioned that ‘no flavored drink can replace drinking water’. It is so very true since you require this natural resource to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. However, the quality of groundwater has been deteriorating with each passing day making natural water impossible for direct consumption. There are a lot of toxic materials, excess amount of chlorine, and other harmful impurities present in water.


Social media keeps us updated about the happenings around the world and it makes us sadden that the quality of two most important resources – air & water is becoming worse. You cannot keep an eye on your loved ones (be it your elder family members), including kids all the time. The difficult question is ‘How do you make sure that they are consuming only safe drinking water?’ The easiest and economical option is to boil the water which kills the bacteria and other harmful contaminants present in it. It is the best option to remove any kind of biological contamination. However, lead and other harmful water pollutants are not completely removed.

The other economical option is to use a water filter which does chemical filtration or physical filtration or both. However, water filters also don’t purify the water completely. The foolproof approach is to make use of water purifier. There are different types of water purifiers – RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier, UV (Ultra Violet) water purifier, UV+UF (Ultra Filtration) water purifier. There most popular choice is RO water purifier. Reverse Osmosis is a water filtration technology that uses partially permeable membranes to remove the unwanted impurities in water. The impurities could be ions, unwanted molecules, large sized impurities, excess amount of chlorine, etc.

Before the water reaches the semi-permeable membrane, it passes through a number of pre-filters that are responsible for removing all the dissolved chemicals present in the water. These pre-filters are very effective since few of these pre-filters contain activated carbon that removes the excess chlorine present in water. RO water purifier also removes the other types of impurities namely, pesticides, herbicides, other types of big molecules, etc. before the water reaches the RO membrane for purification. There are many people who suffer from water-borne diseases like Cholera, Malaria, Typhoid, etc. on a regular basis and the major reason is the consumption of impure water.

There is no way to visualize the impurities through naked eyes but the water you might be consuming from taps might be containing heavy metals like Arsenic, Chromium lead 6, Mercury, etc.. These chemicals can weaken your immune system and cause damage to your organs (if the same type of water is consumed for considerable number of years). Now that you are aware of the advantages of RO water purifier and understand why it is required, let’s have a look at RO purifier options.

There are many companies that manufacture and sell RO water purifiers for home & office but you should choose a purifier that suits your needs & requirements. You should opt for an RO water purifier from a company like Livpure since the company has a number of options in different price segments. Since water purifiers would require servicing, it is important to review an RO water purifier from that angle as well. Livpure has been in operations for many years and has a proven track record. You can have a look at their website for different options for RO water purifiers.

To summarize, consuming clean drinking water is a must for maintaining good health and RO water purifiers can be an enabler in that process.