Skin Tags

If you’ve developed that small fleshy bump on the skin; that too in a visible area and looking for an overall information about the skin tags – what are they exactly? How to treat them? What are the facts and the myths behind them? You’ve landed the right place…

Before embarking on all those questions, first of all, let’s figure out what skin tags are really. As their name indicates, they are actually benign skin growths that look like small little flaps hanging on the skin. They’re generally flesh-colored or little dark and usually develop by skin rubbing up against skin and most commonly found in the skin folds and creases like neck, underarms, upper chest and eyelids. They may eventually be irritating from rubbing against clothing.

Now that you’ve understood what are skin tags, let’s get into a few myths and the facts about skin tags. They’re truly interesting and you’ll be able to clear up a lot of things about skin tags after reading them.

Skin Tags

Myths About Skin Tags

Besides knowing the facts about skin tags, you should also know the myths so that you don’t get confused whatsoever.

  • Removing the skin tags doesn’t cause more of them to grow. Many times, people fear to get the skin tags removed as they fear they’ll get more of them grow.
  • Many people think that skin tags are the malignant growths on their skin and become deathly afraid. Only after the doctor’s confirmation, they become okay. In fact, skin tags are not at all the cancerous growths and they are pretty harmless.
  • Skin tags do not only get formed in the obese and elderly people. They may easily occur in the youngsters too. In that case, genetics would play a huge role, rather than the friction.

Facts About Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are developed due to the friction of skin on the skin. They are sometimes formed even due to genetic reasons, especially to the individuals in their young age. But, most commonly, they’re formed due to friction and that’s the reason why elderly people as well as the obese people have more chances to get the skin tags.
  • Skin tags are not at all painful or harmful, so you need not necessarily treat them. But, if they develop on visible area, many people want to get rid of them. There are many home remedies available on the internet, but the best way skin tag removal at private dermatologist.

Treatment Of Skin Tags

Since they are not at all pleasing to look at, most of the people do not want to keep their skin tags around.Skin tag removal is an easy process and you can get rid of them without much pains. Here are a few methods to effectively remove the skin tags:

  • The first and foremost method would be consulting a skin doctor and getting it zapped away. The doctor numbs the area around the skin tag and removes it. This is a safe process and recommended for the skin tags developed on the sensitive areas such as eyelids or the genital regions.
  • Use a dental floss to easily remove the skin tags. How? Wrap the dental floss around the connecting stalk and leave it for 24 hours, then pull it. The skin tag will be dried and come off by itself due to lack of blood supply to it.
  • Bandages and Duct tapes are the most common home remedies. Apply the bandage or the duct tapes tightly around the area and it will come off after few days. You can repeat this until you get rid of them.
  • Besides, tea tree oil and vitamin E are also used to remove skin tags.

Concluding, skin tags are nothing to worry about and they are totally harmless. You can remove them if they bother you and if you don’t want to, that’s fine too.