Ostomy most frequently is avoided by the surgeons and is used only when no other possibility of patient’s treatment exists. As a rule, patients are also not happy about this complication in their lives, however understand that this is the only way to become healthy and happy! But regardless of the feelings you have to ostomy, this is frequently the only way so if you got one, it is just the right time to learn to live with it.

After you go through the operational intervention that leads to the creation of an ostomy, you will be proposed to a pouch system with a drainable nature. As a rule, people, when leaving the hospital, know mostly about this possibility of the ostomy treatment and so continue to stick to it in the future.

When coming back home you will also need to learn a lot about using Hollister ostomy supplies, for instance the fact that you need to empty the drainable poach frequently to avoid clogging the toilet or that with the help of toilet tissue you can reduce the splashing. But these are nuisances that come with experience after using ostomy drainable pouches for some time. In the tips presented below we would like to give you hints about choosing the right size of the pouch and the importance of it.

How to Choose the Correct Pouch Size

As the market of medical ostomy supplies continues to expand, you can find many different pouch sizes available for you. First of all remember, that right after the surgery the stoma of yours may and most frequently will be swollen. After several months the swelling will most likely to go down, which means that after three to four months you will actually get the real size of your stoma after shrinking to the standard size. Keeping in mind these changes in the weeks that follow the surgery, when trying on different drainable pouches you need to make sure that fit perfectly. It means that twice a month, according to the experts advice, you need to re-measure your stoma in order to make sure that you are still wearing the correct size of the system.

According to the surgeon’s professional opinion, if you have a round stoma, then a pre-cut drainable pouch will work perfect for your case. If you do not know or understand how to measure the stoma to get the right ostomy supplies after the surgery, make sure to ask the doctor in the hospital for advice and guidelines.

In case you have non- round shape stoma then you should use a cut-to-fit pouch. Remember, that drainable pouches can be cut according to your shape by the prescription service or even prescription delivery company.

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