Flat feet are the most common foot problems for children, and the remedy can often be simple, yet if it remains unchecked, the problem could worsen. There are several ways to refer to this ailment, fallen arches, or rolled in ankles, or excessive pronation. The problem can go undetected for years, as very often there are no recognisable symptoms, and this can cause other problems in adulthood.

The symptoms

There are four main things to look for as well as flat feet, and they are,

  • The presence of pain – Pain is often a sign that the foot or leg muscles are working too hard.
  • Growing pains – These can very often be easily remedied by adjusting the child’s walk or posture.
  • The child gets tired quickly – A normal child should be able to stand for long periods and early fatigue is a sign of feet issues.
  • Falling or tripping – If this is a regular occurrence, it could be that the muscles in the foot structure are unable to support the weight.

Any child with feet issues should see a podiatrist, and regular treatment with orthotic devices is the best remedy for these ailments.

Flat footedness

This is normal in a child until they reach the age of four or five, when the arches start to develop, and by the age of seven, the child’s arches should be fully developed. Arch height isn’t too important, but the tendency to roll the ankles in, is a sign that the feet are not comfortable for one reason or another.

The solutions

More often than not, a pair of special orthotic insoles in all the child’s shoes will clear the problem up, and they are easy to insert and will aid in supporting the children’s feet. The child may need larger devices as they grow, which will keep the problem from returning.

Excess pronation

Over-pronation is easily diagnosed, by drawing an imaginary line from the tip of the ankle bone down to the ground, and if this line moves away from the foot, the child is suffering from excessive pronation. This can cause an irregular gait pattern, which might lead to problems in later life.

Growing pains

Very often a child’s foot problems are misdiagnosed as growing pains, so it is a good idea to have your child’s feet tested by a podiatrist. If the problem is not caused by natural growing pains, a pair or orthotic insoles should fix the problem. Children’s feet deserve special attention as any problems in the early years could cause serious problems in later life.

The wrong shoes

Kids tend to be a bit fashion conscious, and they might like a particular pair of shoes and wear them often. If the shoes are too narrow or unbalanced, this could be the start of issues that will be more difficult to treat if left unattended.

Often by simply observing a child when they are running will make any issues visible, so with a little care, we can treat any problems promptly, before they turn into more complex ailments.