What do you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps one of the most popular answers by kids to this question is to become a doctor. Through the years the landscape has changed with educational costs skyrocketing, and if you are one of those dreaming to be a doctor then you might be asking if medical school is the right choice for you.

While some are fortunate to have an actual exposure to the medical profession or have a practical experience in a clinic, doctor’s office or hospital, a lot of youngsters are pretty clueless if medicine is the right path to take.

Below are some things that you can do to help you decide if you are a good fit for a school of medicine.

Talk to Doctors

In order to find out if you want to devote a good number of years to train to be a doctor, perhaps the best way to go is to talk to the experts. You can interview doctors and find out how they became one, what their day is like, and also ask what the best and worst parts of their jobs are. Ask them if they will be given a chance to do things all over again will they still choose to become doctors?

If there will be an opportunity to shadow doctors who specialize in the field that you want to enter in the future, grab it. You will gain a ton of valuable information when you see how it is really like in a day of a doctor. You will see what’s beyond the white coat, what’s beyond the good income, what it is like to help out the sick.

Apply for Experiential Or Research Internship

While you think you will not be able to do much as a high schooler, there are institutions that open opportunities for youngsters interested in the field of medicine. You can look for biomedicine internships that will expose you to research work and other skills that might help you when you enter U.S. Or any Caribbean medical schools.

There are also colleges and universities that offer free programs that can help you prepare for medical school.

Do Volunteer Work

The real work begins after medical school. You cannot jump to the future and don the white coat right away but you can have interaction with real patients through volunteer programs. You will not be a real doctor yet but you will do meaningful volunteer work that is also crucial to the overall treatment of the sick.

Academic Preparation

High school students who want to enter medical school can prepare by studying well. Really well. If you want to get into a medical school in the Caribbean or in the U.S., you need to attend the best courses offered at your school and strive to get the best grades achievable. Developing good study habits early is crucial as this will be a necessary tool to your survival in the medical school. Remember that even after medical school, continuous learning is a must so you are updated with the latest knowledge and equipped with the best techniques and skills to help treat your patients.

Getting into a medical school is no easy task but you really want a good medical school that will help you prepare for all the challenges in the medical field.