Tooth Whitening

When you’re blessed with straight shiny white teeth, you just can’t avoid using that megawatt smile to your advantage. After all, a smile may be one of the greatest assets a person can have next to developing a winning attitude and a warm personality. Yet, the kind of white your teeth naturally possess looks similar to an ivory shade or a light creamy hue more than the dazzling white seen on TV and models. Sometimes, you’ll notice a slight staining of caffeine on your enamel because of your fondness for sodas and coffee. And so, we’re in a bind to find out the fastest and most effective ways to make teeth appear whiter in color and turn its surface enamel brightly smooth whenever the light strikes against it.

Tooth Whitening

Bleaching Teeth with Home Whitening Kits

Home teeth whitening Australia kit with custom trays and a bleaching kit is the most affordable method for follow-up treatments or for minor whitening solutions. For instance, over-the-counter teeth whitening gel applied on enamel using any applicator, like a pen or a strip, doesn’t have as much bleaching power as dental-grade gel that may sting a bit because of its high pH content. A bleaching kit with gel containing only a small amount of hydrogen peroxide seems sufficient to lightening a few selected teeth into a shade whiter than their previous color. However, a home whitening kit supplied by your dentist after your initial treatment seems like the perfect companion to keeping your pearly whites stay pearly.

One-Hour Zoom 3 Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

This time a dental procedure involving laser speeds up the process and intensifies the bleaching effects on the enamel. So, this second option is best recommended for preventing the stains from coming back. Because it uses blue laser light, the gel has a reddish tinge so it absorbs more heat, which is needed for the water content in the gel to boil up and evaporate. In the end, you’re left with hydrogen peroxide gel and other non-volatile ingredients, such as fluoride to soothe the gum line.

Within only 45 minutes to one hour tops, this in-clinic procedure is fast becoming the procedure of choice among yuppies, office girls, suburban housewives, college students, and even teens or middle-aged clients. Yuppies and office divas can schedule a one-hour appointment with their dentists during lunch time. Suburban moms most likely have 45 minutes to spare from doing chores and bringing kids to soccer practice. College students and teens discover the affordability of this dental treatment considering they often have lightweight budgets. Lastly, middle-aged men and women realize how safe and gentle the laser teeth whitening Melbourne procedure is in real life.

Whitening for Life Dental Bleaching System

This bleaching system combines the boosting effects of Zoom Whitening on a Bleach for Life treatment applied to deeply stained teeth. Definitely, this powerful system effectively removes stains caused by prolonged antibiotic use and hardening plaque mixed with nicotine deposits. After maybe ninety percent of the stains were gone, the dental bleaching results from both treatments are further enhanced with the daily application of the teeth whitening kit nz. It’s also important that patients schedule a couple of dental check-ups plus prophylactic cleaning sessions. Most importantly, clients must return to the clinic every month for re-applications of the bleaching gel under laser light.

In contrast to the blue-spectrum bleaching gel used for Zoom Whitening Australia, the deep bleaching method applies red-spectrum whitening gel that contains a non-acidic bleaching agent. As a result, the patient’s teeth experience less sensitivity immediately after treatment. Also, this gel’s potency goes deeper into the enamel layer and chemically converts the stain particles from light brown or yellowish into a pale cream hue