Do you want to know how you can have healthy looking skin all year round? I bet you do! So, I’ve come up with three remedies to help your skin look beautiful and full of life:

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Vitamin C

Most people will know that vitamin C is incredibly good for your health. We’re always told to try and get as much of it as we possibly can. I remember being younger and my mother would always tell me to eat oranges for vitamin C. Back then, I had no idea why I needed this vitamin, I just did what she told me. It’s only as I got older that I started to learn more about it and realize why it’s so important. As well as being great for our overall health, it’s extremely good for our skin. It provides excellent protection from the sun, and can also help repair damaged skin. By giving your body lots of vitamin C, you’re helping it create healthy collagen. For those that don’t know, this is what will give your skin a nice clean, clear, and firm look.

So, how can you start getting more vitamin C in your body? Well, it starts with your diet. You should start eating foods that contain a lot of it, many fruits will be packed full of vitamin C. Also, think about drinking freshly pressed orange juice as well. Another great idea is to look for serums that contain this vitamin. That way, you apply it directly to your skin, and it can be absorbed quicker. Naturally make sure you check out some vitamin C serum reviews, before you jump in and buy something. You want to make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Finally, you should consider getting some supplements as well. Take a vitamin C tablet every day and you’ll slowly start to see the effects on your skin.

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Sleep is such an important thing for our health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep can be the cause of numerous problems. And, getting more sleep can be the solution to so many health issues. If you’ve ever slept badly, you’ll notice it has an immediate effect on your skin. You start to develop horrible bags under your eyes that are dark and make you look like a panda. The fewer hours you sleep, the more tired you become. Tiredness leads to stress, which leads to stress wrinkles, most notably on your forehead. All in all, lack of sleep will lead to your skin looking bad and being unhealthy. It’s important that you rectify this if you want to start having healthy looking skin.

As luck would have it, there are numerous tips and tricks that will help you get a better night’s sleep. The first of which is to stop drinking caffeine before bed. You might think that a cup of coffee in the afternoon is a nice treat, but it could be the cause of your sleepless nights. Another reason people fail to sleep well is down to anxiety. So, take care of anything that’s making you anxious. Instead of bottling your problems, face them head on and you’ll sleep better. Also, look at the sleeping environment you’ve got set up. Is your bed comfortable? An uncomfy bed could be why you don’t sleep well. Similarly, if your room is too light, this can prevent you from sleeping. Create the perfect sleeping environment and you’ll nod off in no time. If you can correct your sleeping pattern, you’ll start to see your skin improve. Those bags will fade away, and you’ll be looking nice and healthy once more.

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A large percentage of our body is made up of water. Therefore, we must remain hydrated at all times. Dehydration can lead to various issues and problems with your health. Funnily enough, it could cause you to feel tired. Ironically, this brings you back to the start of my previous point, where tiredness leads to bad skin! But, dehydration is also directly involved in determining whether or not your skin looks nice and healthy. If your skin isn’t hydrated, it won’t look good. I’m afraid it’s as simple as that. You need hydration to help your skin function to the best of its ability. Studies show that hydrated skin cells will work harder and repair themselves much quicker than dehydrated ones. When the cells are quickly repairing and creating new cells, it has huge benefits for you. It means you’ll look healthier and younger; your skin can fight the signs of aging. Don’t underestimate how important hydration is for the health of your skin.

Of course, there’s no point me telling you this if I won’t follow it up with ways you can hydrate your skin. For one, drinking lots of water will keep your entire body hydrated. Drink as much as you can throughout the day, I like to carry a bottle with me, so I’ve constantly got a reminder to drink. Obviously, washing your face will also hydrate your skin, so do that too. In fact, you can get face wash that helps moisturize your skin, leaving it hydrated for longer. Which brings me nicely to my next point; moisturize! Buy a high-quality moisturizer and apply it every day. This will ensure your skin is properly hydrated throughout the day. If your skin ever feels dry, simply apply some more moisturizer. Almost all moisturizers will last for an entire day, so you won’t have to worry so much about re-applying. You’ll only have to apply more if you sweat/wash it off during the day. Also, another way you can keep your skin hydrated is to stay out of the sun’s rays for long periods. Being in sunlight for too long will dry out your skin and leave you dehydrated. Do this too often and you could end up damaging your skin permanently. I’m not saying you need to hide in the shade all the time but sunbathe in moderation. And, of course, use sunscreen as protection and to hydrate your skin.

These three tips are guaranteed to leave you with healthy looking skin, all year round. If you want to start looking and feeling better, give them a try today!