Just like any other doctor, your dentist will also ask you plenty of questions during your visit. Well, to make the most of your visit, it is important to know what you should ask a dentist. Remember, the information you share with a dentist during the visit will help in determining your oral health better.

Here we have listed the top 5 questions which you must ask your dentist. Answers to these questions will help you understand the status of your dental health as well as how you can improve it with time.

  1. Am I using the right type of toothpaste, toothbrush and floss?

There are numerous types, brands, and categories of toothpaste available in the market today. As per dentist Carrollton Texas the top 5 categories of toothpaste are:

  • Whitening
  • Anti-cavity
  • Anti-cavity and anti-plaque
  • Anti-cavity and desensitizing
  • Anti-cavity and anti-calculus

Since everyone’s mouth is different, it is good to know, which category suits you the best. So, make sure to ask your dentist whether you are using the right one or not and do you need to change your toothpaste.

Just like toothpaste, using the right type of toothbrush and floss is also crucial. In many cases, patients are surprised to know that the type of toothbrush they were using was actually too big, too small, too hard, or too soft for their teeth and mouth.

On the other hand, in the case of floss, many prefer the waxed one, but some even say that there is hardly any difference. Now, since your dentist knows your mouth the best, it is idle to take his/her suggestions when it comes to picking the right type of toothbrush and floss.

  1. What is my present dental health status?

It is better to inquire your oral health status by going for a routine checkup. After examining your mouth thoroughly, dentist can inform you about the overall oral health status and if necessary can suggest further treatment options.

  1. What can be done to improve my oral health?

Most people think that in order to maintain good oral health one needs to brush and floss regularly. Well, this isn’t completely incorrect, but it’s also not everything you need. Looking at your mouth, the dentist might recommend some specific guidelines to improve your overall oral health. Also, he or she can suggest the best suitable products.

  1. Should I go for deep cleaning?

People suffering from gingivitis or periodontitis usually go for deep cleaning sessions. However, this doesn’t mean it is not good for others. Annual deep cleaning can work wonders on your overall oral health. However, before getting one make sure you ask your dentist if you need one or not.

  1. Should I go for teeth whitening?

Most people are concerned about their teeth color. Well, teeth whitening procedure can surely make your teeth whiten by a few shades, but the results are dissimilar for different people. Therefore, it is ideal that you ask your dentist whether the procedure will work as your expectations or not.

The questions mentioned above can help you understand your overall oral health a lot better. Well, all you have to do is ask them to your dentist.