Implant Dentist

Implants come into the picture when you want to replace your lost teeth. In other words they are an apt solution for replacing missing teeth. A dental post is installed to give support to the new tooth. It is placed in the jaw bone. Since the root is formed from titanium it creates a strong foundation. On top of it the new tooth is implanted that does not cause any pain plus looks like a real tooth. If you wear dentures you can give the needed support to them through an implant.


The implant procedure is painless and easy. It is carried out in two stages. In the first stage an implant dentist Berkshire, places the implant properly in the jaw. Then for a few days your jaw is left alone so that it gets healed. On your next appointment the dentist fits the new teeth on to the implant. In a few cases, if it looks feasible, your dentist may fit temporary teeth simultaneous to placing the implant. Anyways, the procedure requires complete attention and plenty of skill so you need to check the history of your dentist before sitting on the dental chair.

 Implant Dentist

Consult Before Having An Implant


Before opting for the procedure you need to decide whether it is right for you. Fix an appointment with a reputed implant dentist Berkshire, and deliberate on all the possibilities. Yes, it is necessary to consult an expert because there are many doubts you may be having. A specialist can give you an appropriate advice. He can help in clearing your doubts by answering all your questions. After all your doubts have been removed you can make an educated decision regarding whether it is right to have an implant.


The beauty of a dental plant is that there are no side effects of it. It is basically an artificial root made from titanium. Means you won’t experience any kind of allergic reactions during and after the procedure gets completed. Once this work is over the artificial tooth, or bridge is fitted on. These teeth are designed according to your needs – means they are bespoke.


Your dentist will take measurements, capture photos, to come up with a wax prototype. Then he will view the prototype in 3-D. Finally he will create a bespoke design to match your exact needs. Each step is planned with complete precision so obviously, the results are astonishing.

Post implant you will be proud of your smile and your confidence will sky rocket. I promise!


Post Operative Care

Today the technology is available that has made complicated procedures look so simple. Your dentist has the equipment and the skill to produce astonishing results. However, post procedure care is also important. Take good care of your teeth and never miss an appointment with your dentist. If you pay attention to postoperative care your teeth can last a lifetime.

Get in touch with a smile reconstruction specialist today to get the smile which you had often dreamed about but was alluding you!