Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening are a part of cosmetic dental procedure that is carried out to lighten the yellow colour of your teeth. Stains make your teeth look unsightly; with tooth whitening these stains are removed. This procedure is done to improve the look of the teeth. Tooth whitening can be done by any dentist since it doesn’t require special qualification. Any dentist who has been practicing for some time can do it easily. Teeth whitening Solihull is a painless procedure and completely safe. To date no health hazard has been reported while performing this simple procedure.

Whitening is a long procedure that entails a number of visits to the dentist. In fact you will need to repeat it from time to time in order to retain the natural glow of the teeth.

What It’s Used For

Your teeth have an outer coating known as enamel. The light thrown off the enamel bestows a natural bright glow to your teeth. Reflection of light is hampered by rougher enamel, in turn affects the colour of the teeth. The dentin beneath the layer also has a role in how white your teeth look.

With time a thin layer pellicle begins to form on the enamel. As a result your teeth get stained. Furthermore, stains tend to deposit in the pores of the enamel.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth get stained due to the following reasons:

  •         Not maintaining oral hygiene.
  •         Consuming lots of coffee and cola.
  •         Excessive use of tobacco.

Elderly people tend to lose the shine of their teeth because the dentin turns darker while enamel starts to thin out!

Some stains are found within the tooth. Overexposure to fluoride trigger such stains. Some antibiotics are also known to cause stains. Tetracycline commonly stains teeth of youngsters. If a pregnant mother takes this antibiotic it leaves stains on the newborn’s teeth. Trauma can also change the colour of your teeth.

Teeth whitening Solihull is carried out to remove the stains brought on due to varied reasons.

Preparing For Teeth Whitening

In order to carry out tooth whitening perfectly a dentist need to see if there are other dental problems. For instance, if the patient has cavities that problem needs to be rectified before going for tooth whitening Solihull. The whitening solution can easily drain into the inner areas if the tooth is decayed.  So, the solution will not make your teeth whiter. Furthermore, if other tooth problems are not treated your teeth will get sensitive after having whitening treatment. In case you recently had ceramic or porcelain crowns installed forget about whitening. It will not work.

Prior to performing whitening dentist takes a snap of your teeth. This is done to keep track of the progress of the treatment. Then he will clean your teeth to remove the plaque that tends to build up on your teeth. And finally will apply the whitening gel. The whitening process normally finishes within 30 to 90 minutes. Most probably you will need at the most 3 appointments. However, to maintain the whiteness you will need to repeat the procedure from time to time.