Today’s busy lifestyle leaves you with little time to keep tabs on your health. But no matter what, you must provide your body with all essential nutrients that it requires. In order to do that you must know what exactly does your body needs. All individuals are made differently and hence their nutrient needs differ as well. The ‘balanced’ diet’ you have always been asked to follow is merely based on averages. That is, it does not consider your body’s unique requirements and therefore is not as healthy as you would want it to be. This is where health supplements come in and help you in countering deficiencies and maintaining good health. They directly affect your health and therefore it is important that you know all about supplements before incorporating them in your diet.

Following are things which you should be aware of before setting off to buy them.

Consult a physician: It is indispensable to consult your doctor before you start taking supplements. Doing so will ensure your safety and enlighten you as to what nutrients your body needs. Taking them without consulting a physician may do your body more harm than good. Also, always buy supplements of reputed brands even if they are relatively more expensive. They will prove to be lighter on the pocket in the long run by saving you the cost of visiting doctors!


Check the label: You must always read the label before buying supplements for yourself. Check the manufacturing and expiry dates of the product. It is important for you to know the ingredients of the product and how would they help you. The amount of each nutrient in a supplement, expressed as a percentage of RDA (the recommended daily allowance for an adult), is also mentioned on the label itself. While you are at it, look out for a statement telling you that the supplement is not designed to replace a healthy, balanced diet. Also, avoid those with health claims that are too tall to be true.


Understand the necessity: A small amount of supplementary food items contain a lot of essential nutrients. According to researches, your body needs the RDA of 30IU and ODA of 400-1600 IU for Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds are said to be the best source of Vitamin E, but to fulfill this requirement you would have to eat about 1 pound or more of these seeds each day. The smarter option in this case obviously is to take Vitamin E capsules, which are safe and easily absorbed. In fact, all supplements are very easily absorbed by the body.