Nowadays, Inversion Tables are widely used to get rid of back pain. No matter, if you are having mild, moderate, or severe pain in your back, working out on an Inversion Table can relieve your pain magically. All you need is- an inversion table set in an ergonomic environment, and a clear concept on How to Use an Inversion Table for Back Pain.

Are you familiar with the most effective use of the best Inversion Table for back pain? If not, we think this post is absolutely for you.So, else what are you looking for? Just go through the post and follow our expert’s advice as soon as possible.

How to Use an Inversion Table for Back Pain?

Well, there are a number of ways to use your inversion table especially for back pain. Now, you may wonder which ways are to follow go get a satisfying result within a very short span of time. That’s why our experts have intended to share some most effective ways of using an inversion table especially for back pain.

Let us have a look on those effective ways in the following:

Set Up and Get Started:

First of all, set up your inversion table in an agronomic environment where you can practice inversion therapy without any kind of interruption. Make sure that you have set your table in a spacious room where you are allowed to move around freely.

Before you step on the table, make sure you have secured every single components of inversion table and tightened the parts enough to save you from any uncertain danger.

Don’t forget to wear sport shoes if possible. If you feel uncomfortable wearing shoes, simply go with a pair of socks to ensure more comfortable inversion experience.

Start With Lower Angle:

At the very first time on an inversion table, you may feel unsafe if you try to invert to full rotation. So, it is better you start with a lower angle until you get used to it. Keep inverting to the maximum angle you can go with comfort.

Ensure Full Traction:

While using an inversion table to get relief from back pain, ensuring full traction of your spinal areas is the first and foremost concern. Inversion Tables use gravity to provide traction to your spinal nerves and thus ease the pain and gradually relieve the pain.

So, try to keep in upside down position and breath deeply for at least 1-2 minutes while inverting. This hack of inversion exercise is really helpful to provide full traction to your spinal areas.

Increase Spinal Traction:

While using Inversion Therapy for getting relief from back pain, you need to pay attention to increase spinal traction. While inverting, make yourself steady and comfortable, and then raise your hands above the head. This hack can increase your spinal traction very easily to provide you faster relief from back pain.

Increase Your Inverting Angle With Time:

Yes, it is another notable hack that can offer you faster relief from back pain. Try to increase your inversion angle instead of inverting to the same angle every single time you practice Inversion Therapy. Don’t hurry or get upset! It takes time to invert to the full rotation.

So, make yourself comfortable and secured on an inversion table, you can also ask someone for assistance before you proceed to increase your inversion angle.

Consult for Doctor’s Advice:

If you are having severe pain, it’s better to consult with a professional so he/she can suggest you a special form of inversion exercise examining the condition of your back pain. If your pain is in a moderate level, you can follow the tricks stated above.

At the end of our post, we hope you have come to know How to Use an Inversion Table for Back Pain reading the hacks mentioned above. Don’t forget to exercise regularly or as per the suggestion of your doctor to get rid of back pain more easily.