If you are having muscle, bone, or joint pain, you can benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy is often known for its ability to help people relax when they go on elaborate spa days; however, massage is also a great way to respond to many different types of injury or pain. Massage is a great way to respond to pain because it encourages blood flow, flushes the muscles and joints, and helps to reduce nerve sensitivity.

Encouraging Blood Flow

Encouraging blood flow to your muscles, bones, and joints is a great way to speed up recovery. When a massage therapist works on your muscles, the increased blood flow helps sweep away toxins and acids that cause pain to your muscles. You should research the best massage therapy company in East Grinstead to find a therapist who can help you.

Reducing Nerve Sensitivity

In addition to encouraging blood flow that helps flush out the pain-causing acids, massage therapy also helps reduce nerve sensitivity. As a massage therapist works on different parts of your body, the nerves being pressed and massaged will actually reduce their particular sensitivity. That’s another way massage works to reduce pain and return your cells to their normal state.

When cells are at their original state, the amount of pain you feel is reduced. Pain comes from inflammation, tension, and compression of your cells. Returning them to homeostasis is the best use of massage therapy. If you find a massage therapist who focuses on that, you can greatly reduce your pain.