Like every other drug in the market, there is always the question of its safety to the users. In other words, before using any drug whether prescription medication or over the counter medication, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits before you start using the. That said, many questions have been raised over the safety of a class drugs known as nootropics that are fast gain popularity around the globe. Well, nootropics are a class of drugs normally used as supplements to boost memory, focus, and brainpower. So, are these type of drugs really safe?

Consult a Doctor First

For starters, before using these drugs or any other drug for that matter, one must consult with a doctor to learn more about the drug and find out whether the drug will be of help to them or if it can cause adverse effects to them. Users can also go as far as doing independent research on the internet and reviews on the drugs in a bid to get more insights about the drug. One can look at reviews by other people who have used the drug to gauge whether it is safe for them to get on the drug. Still, these should not be a substitute for seeing the doctor!

Are Nootropics FDA Approved?

For any nootropics to be allowed on the market and approved by the Food and Drug Act (FDA) then lots of clinical trials must be conducted. Clinical trials and experiments are done to make sure that only safe and non-toxic substances are introduced in the human body. For them to qualify and become acceptable in the market, nootropics must qualify as extremely safe and non-toxic to the brain and all other tissues of the body. Other than being non-toxic to the brain, they are required to protect and promote the health of the brain. Now the real question is, have nootropics been approved by the FDA for human use? Well, they have but for treating specific conditions. For instance, modafinil is mostly used to treat narcolepsy, sleep apnea.

Nootropics Should Be Used With Caution

Just like modafinil(e. g Modalert), other nootropics have adverse effects when mishandled and used carelessly. In fact, they are prone to abuse because of what purpose they serve which is to stimulate the brain and increase motivation. They are also relatively easy to access compared to other addictive drugs like cocaine. Long term misuse causes side effects such as addiction. Therapeutic doses are not implicated in addiction but self-prescription predisposes one to addiction. In low appropriate doses, nootropics work to enhance cognition with little to no toxicity to the user. Long term data on the long-term effect of these drugs is however very scarce because most of its users are healthy able-bodied individuals.

Is Modafinil The Safest Nootropic?

Modafinil has grown to be one the most common nootropic but is it the safest? Well, it is a recommended smart drug owing to its little adverse effect compared to other smart drugs. Modafinil is very effective when used in appropriate quantities but it is always vital that you get the advice of a doctor before buying the drug. Once you have done proper consultations, you can then buy Modafinil online or buy the drug from a local pharmacy store.

Buying Nootropics Online

These days, nootropics are available for purchase online from online pharmacies. For instance, if you want to buy modafinil online then Afinilexpress is one top online pharmacy where you can order modafinil. The beauty is that any modafinil purchase can be done at the convenience of your home and payments made through a variety of methods such as credit cards and Bitcoin. It can be shipped anywhere in the world with free shipping and trail packs to test the brand. Modafinil Modalert by Sun Pharma is currently one of the most popular and sought after Modafinil in the market but there are other generic variants of the same such Modvigil.

In conclusion, nootropics are pretty safe but it all depends on how you use them. So, use these drugs with a lot of caution!